Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

These flashy shots taste amazing and look even better. Time to show off at your next party and bring the bling!

Thanks to Olive Nation for sponsoring the video and supplying the essences:

Lustre Dust On Amazon:

Gold Bullion:
Rum – 400ml or 13.5oz
Simple Syrup – 60ml or 2oz
Keylime Extract – 15ml or 0.5oz
Coconut Extract – 20ml or 0.7oz
1 teaspoon of gold luster dust

Red Fang:
Vodka – 400ml or 13.5oz
Simple Syrup – 69ml or 2.33oz
Black Cherry Soda Stream – 3ml or 0.1oz
Chocolate Extract – 15ml or 0.5oz
1 teaspoon of copper luster dust

Poison Apple:
Irish Whiskey – 450ml or 15.2oz
Simple Syrup – 30ml or 1oz
Green Apple – 18ml or 0.6oz
Butter Scotch – 3ml or 0.1oz
1 teaspoon of green powdered food colouring
1 teaspoon of gold lustre dust

Blue Moon:
Gin – 400ml or 13.5oz
White Vermouth – 60ml or 2oz
Blueberry Extract – 10ml or 0.3oz
Mango Extract – 10ml or 0.3oz
Simple Sugar – 40ml or 1.3oz
1 teaspoon of blue luster dust

Time Stamps:
0:0 . . . why, what?
1:34 Gold Bullion
2:44 The Extract
3:28 Red Fang
4:08 Poison Apple
4:51 Blue Moon
5:29 Make It Shiney
7:00 Make It Bubbly
8:00 Taste Good?


15 thoughts on “You NEED These Awesome Halloween Shots”
  1. Im making a holiday whiskey its corn, oats, organic strawberry applesauce for natural amylase, 2 oz of orange juice make an acidic environment. I try to keep my stuff as natural as possible so my whiskey comes out the best

  2. Love this!! Halloween is my favorite Holiday! I made Beardeds apple pie then put half a box of Red Hots candy in 1 quart (1 ltr) and wow it turned out amazing. I call it spice apple dumpling. Good stuff Jesse

  3. This isn’t ridiculous, this raw, unabashed awesomeness! Thank you to your wifey to getting you to do this!

  4. Jessie hope you and fam all good mate . just a question why are there so many adverts on your videos lol

  5. Wow really cool video but not what I was waiting up for. I guess patience is a virtue in this hobby.

  6. This would have to be right up there for why you’d homebrew, make it how YOU want… especially when you’re not likely to find it for sale.

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