Sat. May 28th, 2022

American Gold Buffalos are a top choice for gold stacking in the United States and abroad. They’re a beautiful bullion coin, but they have tend to have quality issues. Is there anything you can do to ensure you receive a high quality Gold Buffalo coin? A: Yes.

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I buy gold and other assets on a dollar cost average schedule and then buy more as price and interest allow. If you want to know more about buying gold coins, that is my primary focus here. I talk a bit about cryptocurrency, mining stocks and other equities as well. Cheers!

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By Mack

30 thoughts on “You Got A Crooked Gold Buffalo?! 😱”
  1. I haven’t made any purchases since early December. At some point today I may double up.

  2. The little imperfections don’t bother me at all. I don’t consider myself a collector but a gatherer of goods.

    1. A vinyl eraser will take that right off. If you want to get crazy, so will a blowtorch. Do it on camera! 😄

  3. I honestly love the gold in any condition. I went gold panning recently. Got a couple flakes. and to see that raw gold. The radiance, the shine, the purity. It was beautiful.

  4. To bad we screwed the America Indian. Then put them on the American Gold coin. Just saying.

  5. You are a brave, brave man. I don’t have that many Buffalos and even if I did I’m not sure I could bring myself to stack them that high when they’re as crooked as they are. Thanks for sharing your experiment with us!

    1. It takes a bit of force to actually damage one. A drop of a few inches won’t do it. A bounce and a roll to the floor, though… 😱😅

  6. Just bought the dip……..another Buffalo………..I’m boring……..2nd tube anyone?

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