Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

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Forum Link for Conversation Thread about Gothic Crowns: https://www.thesilverforum.com/topic/53871-royal-mint-great-engravers-2021-gothic-crown-information/page/81/?tab=comments#comment-581991

First issued in 1847, William Wyon RA’s Gothic Crown is one of the most beautiful coins ever struck by The Royal Mint. Inspired in part by the Scottish artist William Dyce RA, the obverse and reverse designs are works of genius, produced by the engraver William Wyon at the very peak of his creative career. Coveted by Victorian numismatists and mostly collected straight from the Bank of England, only 8,000 silver along with a handful of gold coins were struck. Drawing on our unrivalled legacy, The Great Engravers continues with the first of two coins paying homage to the Gothic Crown. Based on the reverse of the original coin – an ornate quartered shield design that has a long tradition in British numismatics – it is a fitting tribute to one of the most talented engravers to work on British coinage.

ALLOY 999 Fine Silver
WEIGHT 62.42 g
DIAMETER 40.00mm
YEAR 2021
EDGE Milled

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22 thoughts on “WOW – ROYAL MINT – This is probably going to be Coin of The Century – 5 oz Silver Gothic Crown!!”
  1. Beautiful coin. I’d love to see a 2oz BU version. Getting into Royal Mint coins. Love the Queen’s Beast completer. Not a big numismatic collector, but love to keep the stack interesting.

    1. I’m not sure they will do a Bullion version of this, they haven’t with the other engravers coins.

  2. The design in 5oz is just breath-taking and when you consider it still has the second part still to accompany it! The portrait is going to be something to get very excited about when it is sitting by the side of this one, and… and it is also part of the great engravers series making it such a special release, as a stand alone coin, as a 2 coin set and as an ongoing and very collectable series, there just wont be enough to go around. There are some amazing coins out there and then there is this

    1. The design is a timeless classic for sure and I am very happy with it. I will be even more happy when I get the companion piece next year!

    2. @Backyard Bullion Been keeping a close eye on ebay prices for the 5oz, seen a few sell for over £1k but one has just sold with 8 bids for £2500!!! starting bid was £1750

  3. Its a nice chunk of silver (£85.45 in spot), an your already thinking of selling it for a profit of a grand 9:58 Well done in securing one from the mint. No wonder your hyping it right up lol.

    1. I’m not hyping it up at all, just check recent sales on eBay and forums. I don’t like the hype accusation either.

    2. @Backyard Bullion no offence intended. I bet half those sales have gone to avid viewers of youtube influencer’s like yourself. The design looks crisp and fresh but not groundbreaking and should never be worth as much as the original Victorian florin. The mint can determine how many they produce below demand is extortion in my book.

  4. You are most likely right on this post old friend. A really sweet round eh. Premiums are a tad high (way too high) but I may have a peek later on my friend. We can both pick up a lot of 9999 shot foe the price of this beauty. It really is a beauty for sure. All the best to you and yours seeing the last of a tough 21 eh . It really has been a tough one to navigate. Waiting for what you have coming to us next will be a labor of love. Take care eh !

  5. This is a great looking coin! I agree on the display box…these 5oz displays have never really worked as you see them pictured. I’m glad to know it’s not just me 🙂

  6. Sure looks a nice design and presentation overall. For me I’m not keen on the speculation aspect of the future price, whilst there is for bullion also I feel like it’s less so. Fantastic design though like I say, have a great Xmas BYB

  7. Prices are already going ballistic – local coin dealer is offering the 5 oz version for over 2500 euro.

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