Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

The world’s economy is at risk of collapsing; as consequence, a preparation for an adverse scenario is definitely a smart idea.
Although gold bullion is a defensive strategy, I rather be safe than sorry.

This channel is developed for gold stackers, silver stackers and precious metals lovers; nevertheless, even if you are just a collector, a crypto currency and Bitcoin enthusiastic you will also find value and enjoy a beautiful gold and silver collection.
Here you will find the latest bullion bars and coins; additionally, the channel brings gold news, gold forecast, silver news, silver forecast precious metals markets updates and more.
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By Efren

11 thoughts on “why gold crashed this week? 100 Austrian corona gold coin”
  1. The fed plays their games and I play mine. Buying every dip dumping all my usd. Great video beautiful coin
    The run 🆙 will be epic

  2. JP pays AGAIN.

    60 Mio US for Spoofing. Fees must be much higher.
    Get urself a Pocket Pinger. See my Vid!

    1. It is unbelievable that JPMorgan was fined again this week for spoofing the metals markets after paying a fine of nearly 1 billion less than a year ago for doing the same wrongdoing

  3. COMEX December gold contracts expire this week. That is why the price was slammed because there were many longs. The renomination of Powell is meaningless. Banks and news are pushing the false narrative that the Fed will raise rates twice before the midterm elections in 2022. That is ridiculous. Powell is a dove. The new vice chair Brainard is a super dove. And the hawks, Kaplan, Resengren, Quarles and Clarida are all gone.

    1. Very good point and observation Janice!
      I will investigate this a little deeper 😉
      JPMorgan was also fined again this week for spoofing the price of the metals

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