Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Who NOT To Tell About Your Silver And Gold Bullion Collection discusses the importance of keeping certain friends and family out of the loop regarding your investing in gold and silver. Many seasoned stackers know that buying silver and buying gold is not just a hobby, but it is a way of life and a solid way to preserve wealth. Investing in gold and silver for beginners is often confusing, but those of you watching this video who know about the value of metals should be doing whatever you can to educate the people you care about, but also keeping things private. Buying gold 2020 was more expensive than many stackers are accustomed to; however, the gold and silver price today is most likely set to rise due to nonstop printing of the dollar. Many stackers are not looking for advice on which gold stocks to buy now, but which types of gold bullion like gold bars and coins, and even silver bullion. Buying silver for beginners and investing in gold for beginners has a simple rule of thumb: buy silver and buy gold now because the gold forecast looks strong and the gold price today, along with the silver price are set to move higher. You just need to be guarded with who you tell about your silver and gold bullion collection.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser; I’m merely a guy wearing a Stormtrooper helmet discussing my thoughts on precious metals.
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By Mack

24 thoughts on “Who NOT To Tell About Your Silver And Gold Bullion Collection”
  1. That’s right – your lawyer should know! My best friend knows, but he’s a stacker too, kinda. Dude makes bank, so he doesn’t think in terms of what he has or what I have. Heck, he even has the combo to my garage! So just remember Stormy, when you get kidnapped, do NOT tell them about my stack!

  2. Oh my god! I think I’ve just found my dream channel. I am a HUGE Starwars Fan/YouTuber and I have just started my Gold investments very recently and am so excited 🙂 Subscribed!

    1. Thanks Harry! I appreciate you. Glad to have another like-minded person join the ranks.

  3. Totally disagree on spouse. You have a greater than 50% chance of divorce in today’s day and age. My 60 year old parents almost split. (pops needed a smack up side the head metaphorically, he almost ended up getting tossed out for bad behavior) but the point stands. If you’re worried about them knowing after death, have it drawn up by a lawyer in a sealed document to be opened on your death or incapacitation.

  4. Nobody but 1 child of 4 knows I got metal.
    She don’t even know what or how much.
    Other 3 kids? Not so much.

  5. Great informative advice… I am just going to keep it to myself … Love your channel.. glad I’m back stacking one at a time …

  6. I see a lot of comments about not telling anyone about your stack. It’s tough because I really like stacking and I have some cool things I’d like to share/show them

  7. Stormtrooper makes video on who you should tell about your stack while breaking everyone of the rules himself. 🤣 This was great comic relief for all of us Stormtrooper. Thanks.

  8. rule #1 don’t evah tell your girlfriend or wife…because she tells everyone in her life. The only person you can trust is Jesus Christ and he knows where you buried your bullion stash anyway. I find that any endeavor in life that requires some secrecy, it’s good to turn to the Lord and talk about it. He tells no one and wants you to be rich and happy.

  9. Its 3 can keep a secret if 2 are DEAD!!! Love the videos and it sucks cause it’s hard to trust anyone!

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