Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

6 Places to Buy Silver and Gold Bullion:
If you can’t scrap droids for precious metal, here are my top places you can buy precious metals:

1) Provident Metals

2) Apmex

3) JM Bullion

4) SD Bullion

5) California Numismatics

6) Your local coin shop

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By Ali

31 thoughts on “Where to Buy Silver and Gold Bullion”
  1. A good list indeed. I’m familiar with all except California Numismatics. Very cool. Will have to check them out. But, not shipping to door is an issue and having to call and mail a check.

    1. Sal- yeah, I forget how I came across them back in 2005, but bought some gold from them a couple times. When you compare their prices against the big online dealers, California Numismatics is typically cheaper. But again, they have a longer wait time and don’t offer an e-check option. I like the ease of buying from the online dealers.

  2. Hey there…. love your channel! wanted to stop by and say thank you for the super chat support on Video Influencers. Tip: make sure to put your title in the info box and make it a tag. just copy and paste it. in the tags area utilize phrases. tags should be actual “phrases” people search for. Also i would use picmonkey.com to create some more dynamic thumbnails. lastly….. just keep at it. 81 subs in just a few uploads is awesome. love the concept and also love star wars πŸ™‚

    1. Benji- thank you so much for commenting! I really appreciate it. I placed the superchat right when the stream began to lag out and was disappointed it wasn’t seen- but apparently, nothing gets by you!

      Thanks very much for the helpful tips. I’m new at this as of Monday and have been learning quite a bit.

      As for loving Star Wars- I have a very funny clip I’ll be uploading later today, β€œA Day in the Life of The Stacking Stormtrooper.” Im CERTAIN you will get some laughs, so please try to stop by later today to check it out! Thanks again!

    2. Benji, the video I think you’d find funny is live. I also did what you said and fixed my tags (thank you!) and downloaded picmonkey. Again, greatly appreciate the advice!

  3. Buying PMs at a local coin shop in cash is GREAT if you’re planning on getting married and she doesn’t agree to a pre-nup. Protect Your Wealth!!! What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her…..and she can’t spend on shoes.

    1. If you follow me on Instagram, I’m posting the headlines there- one per week. I’ve got at least 20 right now in the queue.

  4. Omg thats a heck of a process for the cali website.. i personally do online as well. So convenient to just to place it and be done. The starter packs are awesome πŸ‘ buffalos as well. Did you ship it all to the same address? Heck of a deal you got there haha

    1. Provident is OP! Shipping is a bit slow at times but great selections at good prices. Excellent customer service

    2. I have to disagree on the Provident front. I always watch the big 3 (APMEX, jm, Provident) and find provident usually to be cheapest. I suppose it comes down to what you’re shopping for.

    3. @Empire Precious Metals i apologize brother, OP i meant as Over Powered like in a video game, not as in over priced πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ provident has great prices, its currently my go to site

  5. Local coin store is a great idea! The closet one from me is 14+ miles away, which isn’t far, unless there is traffic!!! Which is like every single day! Lol! Thank you for sharing Stormy!!!!

  6. I hear ya. I really want to buy locally, but my most convienent LCS is a complete ripoff, as I live in the sticks. SD Bullion reportedly donates 10% of their profits to christian charities. I like that.

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