Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

I feel gold dominance will continue in 2022 and it’s why I am apprehensive about buying a bunch more. If the price continues to rise what will be the ceiling? Are we buying the ceiling? Does it have a bunch more room to run? Those are some of the questions I have running through my head on a daily basis. I also take a look at a particular gold miner other youtubers are making videos about.

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By Doloris

20 thoughts on “What’s The Next Move For Gold? What Should We Buy Now?”
  1. Strange I’ve been sitting on the sidelines ..haven’t bought in a couple months idk can’t explain it but it’s just kinda wait and see

  2. If you can REALLY lock your money down so it’s not spent on stuff, you can always buy metals or investments later.

  3. HI Clean Money! I agree with you, gold has been in pretty much the same range for awhile now. 2022 Buffalo sounds good though!

  4. I bought that slight dip. A 1/4 Oz Philharmonic $492

    I’m now saving for a Buffalo. That coin is pretty af

  5. Hey Britches. Money a little tight for me at the moment, but I’ve managed to pick up a few 1 gram gold bars, better than nothing. 😎

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    2. I invested $2,500 and I made $7,450 weekly trading with him, I only trust Mr he is legit not a scammer try him and see. With my investment. I am now able to send my kids to a great school in LA, all thanks to Mr George Soros Good man ❤️

    3. My first investment with Mr George Soros gave me $24,300 and that has made me invest without the fear of losing, I got four of my friends that I referred to him and they are making profit just like me. May God bless Mr George Soros

  7. I don’t own any mining stocks, I don’t wanna own any mining stock, I think it’s among the worst sectors to park money, I don’t ever see myself investing in any of them. Also, the upcoming fed interest rate hikes are not at all bullish for gold, they are bullish for the US Dollar, which is bearish for gold and silver, but things are no longer correlating like they have in the past so really anything can happen. If the overall trend is down, sometimes buying nothing is the best course of action.

    1. Mining stocks presented in the YouTube community are some of the worst. One that was pumped up in the community this past May is now down 70% and another one is down 40%. That’s just two that I know about.

  8. Great video SB. Finally man. Since 1980! Finally! I can’t believe it. Go Dawgs!

  9. Been mostly focused on gold lately… GLDG I own this stock and have for some time down 25% so it has some work to do!

  10. I grabbed a Scottsdale Mint 1g bar in my last silver purchase. I’m gonna get a 2022 tenth ounce Britannia here pretty soon. I plug away at it a little at a time. Sure and steady wins the race.

  11. I think sitting on cash for the next 30 days maybe a good plan. I think you will see more dip in metals and/or crypto and get a great buy!

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