Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

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What will happen when Queen Elizabeth II dies? It will be a global event and it will certainly have an impact on the Gold and Silver & coin markets around the world. In today’s video I want to talk about the implications for gold and silver collectable coins and what might happen when the change of monarch happens.

What will happen to Gold and Silver Collectable coins when the Queen Dies?

She is no spring chicken and it will happen one day in the not too distant future.

What will happen to sets like the Queen’s Beasts?

What about if she dies half way through the Tudor Beasts?

What if she dies before the actual date of her Platinum Jubilee!

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17 thoughts on “What Will Happen When Queen Elizabeth II Dies – Collectability of Gold & Silver Coins To The Moon?”
  1. Surely if she dies before the jubilee that will increase the value of the coin? Could it be discontinued as a mark of respect and therefore become rarer and technically “erroneous” and therefore ££££ 🤑

  2. Even though I’m not a huge Royal fan, the Queen is much more respected than Charles who has become very political like Harry and Meghan. I say let William take the throne as he is much more calm and professional. I didn’t realise the portrait changes sides, interesting fact there!

    1. Except for Edward VIII, where he insisted on his better side (left) and kept his profile looking to same way as George V. So when George VI came to reign, his was facing our left. This meant that in 1936-7, all three regnal heads looked left. Of course, good luck getting any Edward VIII except for fantasy coin series.

  3. The eventual passing of HM QEII is unlikely to destabilise the economy, even if there a rubble protesting a CIII with the Camel Consort. I think the mints are a focussed market, a portion of the commodity market that relies arguably on quality products, and looking at the large number of collectible mintage, is relying on collectors/investors with spare cash. Definitely there is a pattern head for CIII and possibly in the vault, one of WV. Maybe we will see a Republic, afterall. Long yet may she reign! (I’m sure she’ll make it pass hundred. The ‘one’ thing I do admire about QEII – is her belief in her anointing that it is for life. I think few monarchs today hold true to that.)

    It would be rather scandalous if a pattern head of Charles leaks out.

  4. Call me a prophecy guru but i forsee future supplant coin portraits having far less hair and far more ear lobe features.

  5. Word on the street is the mint has had a last minute rethink re the bullion design being the usual George and dragon (not the jubilee coat of arms) given very recent events.

  6. ‘One day the queen will be no more.’ You should hope to live long enough to see that day, that woman is made ot steel.

  7. The queen will end. The royalty may also end. Silver will be free. The silver price will go to the moon. A new wonderful world is upon us.

  8. I’ve said it before, the Queens visage will be more valued on precious metals when a new monarch takes place. For those who might be concerned on the future, think that there will be 6 to 10 years of waiting until new minted king and perhaps by that time… There might be a William instead. He is reasonably good looking. Tell the truth: Queen Victoria sovereigns are more desirable than King Georges…

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