Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

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Today I talk about both 2022 and 2021 and how what has come before can help inform us on what is to come in the future for silver and gold stacking and collecting. I think that things will be a rocky road for Silver and Gold investing and stacking will take on new meanings for a lot of people if gold and silver prices start coming down further. There is a lot of good news out there regarding pandemics and the way that we as society can recover from the financial hardships of the last 2 years. I am of the mind that silver and gold will have a part to play in the future but to what extent nobody knows.

Please understand that this video is made for entertainment purposes and does not constitute financial advice in any way. No contract has been put in place between viewers and Backyard Bullion and as such any and all financial decisions taken having watched this video have no relationship to what is said herein.

I would suggest anyone looking to invest in gold and silver to get in touch with qualified financial advisors and work out what is best for YOU!

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By Reita

21 thoughts on “What Lies Ahead for Gold & Silver – 2022 Prices & Strategies Revealed”
  1. I would love a metals crash. Bring silver back down to $4 per oz and Gold to $80 per oz. I will spend everything I can on stocking at those prices.

  2. It is a lot worse then that already. Working retail we have seen prices rise 40% to 300% depending on what it is. Copper wire has gone nuts. General goods have doubled on average. It’s already here. Just not full blown yet.

  3. Thank you so much for you videos. It was watching your videos that made me decide I want to stack. I’ve even been motivated to start making videos myself cataloguing my stacking journey. I wont be scumming and post a link bur wanted to say thank you for your hard work.

  4. Thanks for the vid. Disagree with your “Everything is ok” with massive fake money printing and great reset, that the psychos have planned but…just a few peoples opinions.

  5. Happy New Year Folks🥳

    *”If you want to leave a happy life tie it to a goal, not to people or objects”* ~ Albert Einstein

    _Nevertheless investment are stepping stones to achieving your goals_ ✅

  6. Happy New Year BYB. Have a fantastic 2022. I hope your channel has more continued success. Its my go to since I got into PM’s and has been of hige value to me personally. All the best 👍

  7. Love your video love the b bars and the gothic coin awsome in the new year trying to collect fractional gold thats all I can afford well I can’t really I just love coins not been doing long iv started at a time were the prices are high but I cant do anything about that just want to stack I think its taking over me that’s all I think about wish I would of started years ago keep you videos coming watch them all top guy 💯👍

  8. Happy New Year! Hope you and Mrs ByB are having a great start
    . Don’t try too hard with the replies, I hope that the comments thread gets busier and busier throughout the year

  9. i want the price to go up up up , i spent way to much money on that useless shit, this shit is like tarot card readings

  10. Look forward to your videos in 2022. Hard to remain unbiased when receptive to these benefits. Great channel conducive to the algorithm so looks like a good chance for you (+ your supportive friends/family) to grow this channel with all the benefits to the community and yourselves. All the best Mr. BYB and Co.

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