Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

What is gold and silver bullion? Defining it might be tricky. In this video, the topic is discussed in detail in order to understand how and what constitutes a bullion product.
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14 thoughts on “What Is Gold & Silver Bullion?”
  1. Goldmis plentyfull .Utah is opening up the largest open pit gold mine on earth ,it will be open within 2 years ,we have gold ! Silver ,,, Silver needs to be acquired now .

  2. Pre-1933 gold coins – would they be considered bullion? For instance the 1 dollar gold piece, 3 dollar gold piece, 10 dollar Indian head and 20 dollar double eagle Saint Gaudens are they considered bullion ? What about silver Flowing Hair, Seated Libertys, Trade dollars, Mercury dimes, Morgan’s, Peace dollars, Franklin and Walking Liberty half dollars. Are they considered bullion ? Let me know.

  3. Sal you will get tired of me. What about Canadian silver dollars which are .800 silver ? Would you consider them bullion? The Canadian government and some Canadians would say they are bullion. What about .925 sterling silver Canadian coins before 1921? Are they bullion ? I need to know as I plan to sell a lot of these.

  4. Newfoundland was its own country before 1949, when it joined Canada as its 10th province. It issued its own gold and silver coins before 1949. Are you familiar with these Sal. The coins are sterling silver before 1921 and .800 silver but several websites refer to them as bullion. Same goes with the 2 dollar gold Newfoundland coin. Is this bullion ? Let me know.

  5. SAL Good Morning . So you are saying that Silver coins for circulation
    that have a mintage are not Bullion ? What about Bullion that has a Low
    Mintage ? Did SAL open a can of worms πŸ˜ƒ

  6. Many of the bullion coins that I bought as bullion years ago are now collectors Items. Good explanation Sal.

  7. The guy that sold all his silver to the show pawn stars got ripped. He had bars worth more then melt . What a tool

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