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Forum Link for Conversation Thread about Gothic Crowns: https://www.thesilverforum.com/topic/53871-royal-mint-great-engravers-2021-gothic-crown-information/page/108/?tab=comments#comment-587865

This is Why Gold is ALWAYS Better Than Silver – 2 oz GOLD Gothic Crown is a Massive Success Story!!!

First issued in 1847, William Wyon RA’s Gothic Crown is one of the most beautiful coins ever struck by The Royal Mint. Inspired in part by the Scottish artist William Dyce RA, the obverse and reverse designs are works of genius, produced by the engraver William Wyon at the very peak of his creative career. Coveted by Victorian numismatists and mostly collected straight from the Bank of England, only 8,000 silver along with a handful of gold coins were struck. Drawing on our unrivalled legacy, The Great Engravers continues with the first of two coins paying homage to the Gothic Crown. Based on the reverse of the original coin – an ornate quartered shield design that has a long tradition in British numismatics – it is a fitting tribute to one of the most talented engravers to work on British coinage.

ALLOY 999.9 Fine Gold
WEIGHT 62.42 g
DIAMETER 40.00mm
YEAR 2021
EDGE Milled

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By Michael

20 thoughts on “This is Why Gold is ALWAYS Better Than Silver – 2 oz GOLD Gothic Crown is a Massive Success Story!!!”
  1. Why such a low mintage for what would prove such a polular coin. Understand that contributes towards value, however mintage vesus demand seems like a huge void!

    1. Low mintage ensures popularity and value in rarity, especially with ‘super major’ mints like the Royal Mint. I think they pulled it off here. They can arguably afford to make less to foster their community in this instance. Like a loss leader for them on paper really.

    2. @Peter Brown I understand that but would the difference between 3500 of the 2oz siler say compared to a 15000 release make all that much difference. I was on at 9.15am with 8k in the queue and I really want that coin. I just cant part with what they are up for as resale for now. There were sellers offering pre order at £1500 on the same day and that grinds my gears. Appreciate the reply though mate 👍

  2. Those are absolutely BEAUTIFUL 🤩, I would be over the 🌙 moon if I could afford either one of them.

  3. For those who are unfamiliar with various emblems of the United Kingdom, the Triple Lions Passant Guardant on its Coat of Arms and the Tudor Rose represent England and the Royal Beast that represents England is the Lion. The lone Lion Rampart on its Coat of Arms and the Thistle represent Scotland and the Royal Beast that represents Scotland is the Unicorn. The Harp and the Shamrock represent Ireland. The Leek represents Wales and the Royal Beast that represents Wales is the Red Dragon. The Prince of Wales is represented by a Plume of Ostrich Feathers.

  4. its a beautiful coin. I dont buy off apmex anymore due to being Canadian but its 20k lol.

  5. 👍👍👍👍 Big ups to the generous subscriber who invited u to his house to video the gold coin. Very hospitable person indeed. WHEN IS OUR 10 OUNCE QUEENS BEAST COMPLETER COMING?????????????????????????????????????

  6. Good info here on the VIP favouritism on the larger denominations. They do have some larger coins on the website for the joe public POA.

    Not the novel ones though ofcourse. It is a lean/agile business model to look after your own here. I would argue that this means they either are concentrating on agile type streamlining techniques or have limited funds because this effectively prevents expensive product sitting around not doing anything. Joe public are generally interested in making enquiries but don’t follow through.

    A good business model for the most part. The high rollers always get the cake because they will eat it… Always! 😂

  7. I worked through the night to try and get one of these over in the USA. With five computers on a large university network, not a single machine was able to get a place within the queue sufficient to secure a 2oz. To say I’m gutted is an understatement. Looking through the groups there are a lot of people that did manage to secure multiple pieces, so something didn’t quite work. Oh well, better luck next time!

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