Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

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This is What I have learnt Selling Over 10000 ozt of silver – Insights from a
Small Silver business!

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By Mack

24 thoughts on “This is What I Have learnt Selling Over 10,000 Ounces of Silver – Insights from a Silver business!!”
  1. If you think that buying coins for 25% over spot plus VAT is going to save your arse in a financial meltdown,
    you have been well and truly had.

  2. Wow more awesome Silver video my friend and
    Hit like button
    I have about 49 Ounces in Silver Bullion Round right now!
    Not Much of Pour Silver in my collect yet!

    1. You can see all available bars serial numbers on my listing. If 25 isn’t on the listing it’s already sold, sorry!

  3. Buying silver is a hobby for me. Yesterday i bought an australian bullion kookaburra from 1997 one once and a half rubbel coin (UDSSR) from 1924.

  4. One of my biggest hiccups was self doubting my products & prices in my early days but you get through it, im with you on that. Both domestic & overseas markets can be hard work, but we fight on. Interesting video, thanks BYB..

    1. Thanks my friend, we can make them for you in black and white if you want! Or a whole set!

  5. 10,000 oz of silver
    283.4952 kg,

    Which is 254,700, USD
    Could be a little more or less
    The weight
    And the price

  6. G’day mate just dropped in to see how you were going. looks like you are going strong keep up the good work my friend 😎🤠🤩👍

  7. Thank you for all the ongoing information mate! ..I am regularly watching your videos and your content and approach is excellent. Bitcoin is in a rally mode, posting it’s letters daily gain in six weeks as shorts covered positions I’ve the last weekend. Bitcoin momentum is back , although from a trader’s perspective, I feel we really need more experts in the field updating newbies/investors on how the community works. I’ve been able to understand that there are two sides when it comes to crypto and everyone has their opinion when it comes to choosing sides, though I am not kicking against holding, but I see it as an old strategy to make profit of the market as of when the market goes bearish investors/traders loses their investment which is always painful, when you can take advantage of the market by involving in day trading or copying trade alert from a professional trader that do get tips and understand the market and uses strategy to generate signals daily to make profit to grow your portfolio as I’ve been doing with @Christophsignals on Telegram for the past few months, with his program I have grown my initial 1.3BTC to 5.8BTC . He’s very accurate and always yields a great positive return on investment..

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