Sat. May 28th, 2022

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9 thoughts on “The Price of Silver and Gold Doesn’t Matter – Simply OWNING it is the Only Thing That Counts!”
  1. Like 7 because Always Watch the Perfect Videos and very Coool From Your Friend on YTube

  2. Is it wise to keep stacking silver during this current price hike, or should I switch over to gold until silver stabilises? I just can’t seem to justify spending £30ea for a Silver Britannia when I can buy sovereigns and fractional gold for near melt.

  3. Love the queen beast completer coin! Awesome design, elegance craftsmanship! Everyone should get one! 🥰🥰

  4. If one is trading for short term profit, smaller 1oz, 2oz silver coins will be much easier to shift than Kilo ones.

    Premiums are still ridiculously high but that’s market forces for you, and as BYB intimates, if you want a coin then buy it.

  5. I got my 2021 1 kilo libertad at a high premium (1500) but its worth it the mintage was 500 n its already selling for more on the secondary market

  6. Thank you, BYB. Your’s is the first channel I’ve seen the 2022 one-ounce gold Britannia. 👍
    Any other changes apart from the date?

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