Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

My 1st Unboxing from the Spanish Royal Mint. I’m unboxing and discussing the release of Spain’s first bullion coin. The gold Lynx. I will go over what I think and compare it to other gold bullion coins that are already in the market. I will give some history about the coin. This is a collector’s piece with a limited mintage and only available in reverse proof one ounce.
The coin weighs 31.21 grams
measures 37 millimeters in diameter
The inaugural issue has a mintage limit of 12,000 coins
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By Lilliam

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  4. Great acquisition my friend. It’s a lovely coin indeed! Thanks for sharing. I like the design.

  5. Well covered CC. The lynx looks nice. But the columns side… Now that’s 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. Awesome stunning coin, I seen this gold coin on Aloha stackers channel.So cool you got one to. Have an awesome & safe Christmas my friend 😎👌👍👏🎅🎄

    1. That’s what everyone seems to think. But we know gold is gold. The krugerrand do not have a value. Neither does the Libertad. So, you know… thank you and have a wonderful day!

  7. The explanation for the 1.5 denomination is that under Spanish law, the Royal Spanish Mint has to deposit with the Bank of Spain the face value of all coins it issues. If the coins have a value of 100 euros, it has to deposit 100 euros, if they only have a value of 1.5 it is a lot of savings for a coin that has been made as a proof. The coin is having a lot of success so in 2022 there will be another issue and it is rumored that the Royal Mint will make changes like the denomination, which will make this first issue even rarer. Another curiosity about the motto “Plus Ultra” (further beyond), originally it was “Non Plus ultra” which meant that there was nothing beyond the pillars of Hercules. When the Spaniards discovered America, they removed the “Non” from the motto because they had demonstrated that there was a new world beyond the pillars.

  8. Very nice! It does make me wonder why Governments put in such low fvs on gold and silver coins. Great vid and info! Yes, an even match, I agree. Happy Holidays, good sir!

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