Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

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7 thoughts on “Silver’s Potential WILL Surprise Us All – Industry & Investors Waking up To the Troubles Ahead?”
  1. Just bought another 4 silver eagles ,edging closer to my target of transfering the total of my collection into gold ounce.

  2. I think a certain Brett Chamberlain may have raised silver’s profile a bit. He’s been in much of the UK’S MSM for his compensation award for using Royal Mint high value silver coins as legal tender.

  3. Another thing that makes silver a little more unique than any other commodity or investment is the emotion attatched to it, whether you think its the opportunity of a lifetime or think its a bad investment it does seem to be loved, appreciated and desired; even its most ardent critics would still enjoy owning some. Such a happy little chemical element if you ask me, better at everything than anything else but doesn’t like to brag about it.

  4. The future of silver is bright for sure, but I think gold has more potential as the economy worsens globally, I think whales will FOMO in and drive prices higher. It’s all speculation, of course. I don’t think we will regret owning either…

  5. Even though oil is thee most useful compound, and silver is thee most useful element, I still support uranium taking over the energy grid because it is more sustainable and more reliable than wind and solar and if they try to fuell electric cars with wind and solar energy, there will be plenty of cars on the side of the road waiting to ignite from all of the combustible lithium inside

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