Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Learn more about Silver, Gold, & Precious Metals with our Free Bullion Guide by email – https://SDBullion.com/book Here we get deep into the SILVER vs GOLD BULLION debate at the 9-minute mark. But you should watch this week’s news on 2013-2021 CME Group incentivized COMEX NYMEX foreign central bank market riggings, to learn why market manipulations do not work long term. Palladium is the 1st of the 4 major precious metals to show us why this more sophisticated elongated London Gold Pool 2.0 is destined to succumb to skyrocketing fiat currency denominated precious metals bullion prices ahead.

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21 thoughts on “Silver vs Gold Bullion Buying Before the Next Mania Phase (MUST SEE)”
  1. I bought my first 20 oz of silver. Gonna try to by 20-5oz a month. I wish I could afford palladium

    1. TJ FromReno I sold my silver two years ago and bought Palladium and made 27K. Do yourself a favor sell your silver it’s not going anywhere soon.

  2. IMO, there are other factors, often overlooked. Population growth and World debt. World debt could change everything, and to fix the problem, central banks are printing more FIAT. If Gold goes to $10k, many predict this and more. Then many investors would be forced into Silver. Eventually, supplies could dry up.




  3. Fiat federal reserve notes xD
    I’m from europe, I don’t know how I should call Euros ?
    Fiat european central bank notes ? xD

    1. United States Notes were replaced by fiat Federal Reserve Notes in 1971. Older United States Notes pre1964 and pre1934 were often exchangeable for 90% silver coins and 22k gold coins respectively. The fiat Euro just replaced other local fiat European national currencies circa 2000, you could probably just describe them more explicitly as fiat Euro or fiat European Central Bank notes.

  4. I tend to think if you want gold then buy silver. Although I still need to satisfy my thirst for gold so will go right out and buy it on occasion.

    Obviously silver seems massively undervalued compared to gold.

  5. I am relatively new to this field and I just loved the clear rendition that you gave between silver and gold. You have an excellent speaking voice and it was all very logical. Thank you for this information.

  6. Amazing how quickly the US – Iran situation stopped being a driver of crude, gold, silver etc prices. Welcome to the world of global pandemics, country-wide shutdowns, the Fed becoming a major buyer of financial assets, QE, helicopter money, the price physical gold and silver diverging from the futures contract prices, and the likely possibility in the next month that NY 100oz gold futures contracts settled in physical bullion will instead be settled in a promissory note denoting fractional ownership of a 400oz bar in a safe in London.

    1. good nickname if one is dumb enough to play with silver derivatives using too much leverage and too short a timeframe

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