Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

SD Bullion interview with James Anderson: Year End Silver at $40? Gold at $2,500? In this video I interview James Anderson, former managing director of Mike Maloney’s GoldSilver.com, and current content marketer with for SD Bullion. James shares some incredible information on gold and silver prices, the stock market bubble, the trouble at the COMEX, the warning bells going on in the bond market, what’s coming with inflation, what we should watch for with the Federal Reserve, and the slow-motion silver short squeeze going on right now! I was also honored to be asked to be an affiliate of SD Bullion. If you like to make your silver and gold purchases online, SD Bullion should be on your short list of great dealers to work with!

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I stack silver and gold to hedge against our debt-fueled, fiat currency-based economy that I am convinced is nearing the end of the road! Consider stacking silver and gold yourself to help you build and preserve wealth. And thank you for watching Yankee Stacking!

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By Michael

15 thoughts on “SD Bullion Interview with James Anderson: Year End Silver at $40? Gold at $2,500?”
  1. The currency has been, and continues to be, Hyper-Inflated via gubmint counterfeiting. The Hyper-Inflation is here, and continues to worsen.

  2. I clicked because these numbers are also my prediction. He must be brilliant, lol.

  3. Retail you already pay over $30/ounce for silver, $40 isn’t much of a reach.

  4. So fucked they gonna stall it until it satisfies them to reflect the actual inflation

  5. A trillion is 1,000 Billions…a billion seconds is more than 30 years. A trillion seconds is over 3,000 years

  6. Has anyone actually had a good experience with SD? I made 2 orders and both were screwed up? Anyone else experience anything?

  7. Ya can call them delusional when we all know what they are doing is by design

  8. Just got two 1 oz maple leaves and one 1 oz krugerrand from Jm bullion and about to order my second from SD for my eagles! Still investing in Bitcoin too but I’m lowering that allocation and more into precious metals.

  9. SD Bullion is a scam. They called me out of nowhere asking me to pay for the two orders that I never placed. We asked them the phone number and email on the order, and the email was not ours. When I asked them to forward the original receipt being generated on the purchase date. Instead, they made up a new receipt upon my request and emailed to us because there was no original receipts of the orders in their record! They told us if we did not pay for the orders that we had never placed, they would charge us cancelation or else they would send us to collection agency!!! We are reporting them to BBB and FTC. Even you only select the item to send to the “basket”, never end up placing the order (it takes several steps to get to the “place order” button) and never get the confirmation email for that order from them, they still force you to buy or pay a cancelation fee or they would send you to collection agency!!!! That was my personal experience. I forever stay away from these con artists!

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