Sat. May 28th, 2022

In this video, I speak with my local bullion dealer Brian who owns a shop in Spring Hill Florida called Vermillion Enterprises. Brian specializes in bullion gold and silver products and as a business owner in this industry, Brian is a constant observer of things that can move the precious metals market. We talk about the rising inflation rates, world conflict, and the potentially wise decision of investing some money in silver and gold. There’s a ton of great information packed into this 33 minute video! Thanks for watching!

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20 thoughts on “Rising Inflation! World Conflict! GOOD NEWS for Gold and Silver?”
    1. I work in IT, not only has a lot of that equipment gone up in price more than 7%, there’s also a 3-6 month wait after you put in your order. I realize that’s a combination of money being worth less and chip shortage/supply/demand, but the govt and fed have always lied to us, why would they stop now?

    2. Hell no! Just go grocery shopping. . .almost everything up 50%. The cost of dining out has become prohibitive just since a few months ago. My idea of dining out now is a hotdog from the Am/Pm Arco gas station. Even the hotdog has gone from $1.50 to $2.00.

  1. The new 2022 1oz silver eagle they moved the missing Reed from 6oclock to about 7:30

  2. great video guys – love the advice about save simple coins for family and the end messages as well 🙂

  3. I wish we had a good coin guy… the only one 20 min away pays 90% under spot for fractional gold and currently charges $12 over spot for eagles… they also only keep in stock eagles…

  4. Funny how Bitcoin tanked 10% this morning and people are frantic. If gold and silver dropped that same amount, it would be seen as a sale.

  5. I have to say he’s completely right. What kind of a future will our kids have if inflation doesn’t come under control? What an absolute mess. Love you guys telling it like it is. Thank you!

  6. They came up with bucking bronco tyranny gold BUT it’s not bullion…Try to buy or better yet find one…

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