Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

If you’ve been watching my Weekly Deals Show you know how much I have been hyping up the random coin deals from SD Bullion. The Gvmt. issued 1oz silver coin at only $1.99 over spot is one of the best silver deals going on the internet. As for gold, their $5 U.S. Mint modern commemoratives coin (0.2419oz of gold) for only 2.5% over spot is easily one of the better values for gold. I decided to put my money where my mouth is, and purchased one of each. Please tune-in to see which coins I received!
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Links to SD Bullion
Random silver coin deal:
US Modern Gold Commemorative deal:

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By Lilliam

19 thoughts on “Random Gold & Silver Coin Unboxing from SD Bullion | Stacking Kat”
  1. I also got two Philharmonics for my random coins and I’m happy with that. I’ve had very good experiences with SD and it makes me wonder that maybe some of the negative reviews were due to the customer’s issues and not SD’s.

    1. That’s usually the case. Or it was an isolated incident. I’ve never had an issue with them. Or any of the bullion sites for that matter.

    1. @Stacking Kat I’ve been debating on buying them (being less expensive) for a few months now- over buying the full 1/4 oz more expensive AGE.

  2. Hi, i don’t understand how some stackers wear gloves at 24k gold coind, no capsules, and other don’t, they throw the coins one to another. ..

  3. S D Bullion…. Thank you for the video…. Never used them Before but will now….. SWEET

  4. Prefer the restrike Maria Theresa Thalers over Philharmonic any day of the week. Nice Gold coin.

  5. SD Bullion is a scam. They called me out of nowhere asking me to pay for the two orders that I never placed. We asked them the phone number and email on the order, and the email was not ours. When I asked them to forward the original receipt being generated on the purchase date. Instead, they made up a new receipt upon my request and emailed to us because there was no original receipts of the orders in their record! They told us if we did not pay for the orders that we had never placed, they would charge us cancelation or else they would send us to collection agency!!! We are reporting them to BBB and FTC. Even you only select the item to send to the “basket”, never end up placing the order (it takes several steps to get to the “place order” button) and never get the confirmation email for that order from them, they still force you to buy or pay a cancelation fee or they would send you to collection agency!!!! That was my personal experience. I will forever stay away from these con artists!

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