Tue. Jan 18th, 2022
13 thoughts on “PAMP Suisse gold bullion bar”
  1. Thanks for the video, it answered some questions I had about purchasing gold bullion bars as an investment.

  2. u have one VERY mixed up accent u say the words “market , bars and card” like a full aus/nz bogan. just pointing that out for no reason..

  3. Some prefer coins over bars because of the required reporting on gold bars. However you make an excellent point about it being least expensive and I do agree as an investor who is looking to buy gold, you should be looking to buy gold at a low price. With that being said, if  you do a gold IRA rollover from you existing 401k or simple IRA then you’ll likely be purchasing more than just a couple of ounces and should seek an investment that you could later sell quickly, if you want to liquidate your assets.

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