Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

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By Shane

18 thoughts on “My Top Tips For Maximising Profit When Buying, Handling And Storing Proof Gold & Silver Coins!”
  1. Thanks for the great content! I’ve recently gotten into purchasing proof coins because I like history and collecting. Please could you create a video on tips and tricks for timing sales of unwanted coins? If I have a coin that I don’t like once I physically have it I always worry I’m selling it at the wrong time.

  2. I tend to stay away from proof coins. Not willing to take a risk. Own for 5 years then milk spots show up, for example.

  3. Question: do you store proofs in a cooler place or a warmer environment – like near a heat source or where there is no heating – to get best results in terms of longevity without spotting or toning. Disclaimer; since I’m in Scotland, I would naturally veer towards a cooler environment by default and don’t have much control over temp😂

    1. I think generally keeping between extremes is about all that I think about. Not in the boiler cupboard for example and not in a unheated part of the house either. Not sure how much difference it will make for gold but silver certainly can be affected by humidity

  4. Love proof coins especially when there next to the bullion version you see why you paid the extra also low mintage comes into it

  5. I’ve just received my first Jubilee coin which is the £5 proof, with the 50p and 50p piedafor on the way, aswell as lots of other proofs in my collection. I was wondering if it’s worth getting them graded and if so, where’s the best place to get that done please?
    I was able to get my hands on the 2oz gothic crown thanks to watching your vids (is that worth getting graded considering the already high price on the secondary
    market?) I had no idea it was being released so tried my luck by queuing on the RM website. Love your vids, have learnt so much so thank you.

  6. The worst thing you can do with a proof coin is show it to someone who doesn’t collect coins, they all want to grab it out of its box with the insane finesse of a sausage fingered pnumatic drill operative and for some reason beyond all fathom always pry at the capsule like they are opening a jar of chunky peanut butter while bouncing it up and down in their gammy hands and enlightening me to their knowledge of coins while proudly informing me they are the proud owner of a super special £2 coin that they got in their change from the coop thats worth more than anything i could show them.

  7. I was gonna get the gothic crown too, but it’s just too expensive. It’s way more than the silver price. I know that these collectibles prices are not suppose to hook with the silver prices, but still

  8. What do you think about Proof-like coins like Tokelau makes/sells? I really like their chronos series but I have never seen “proof-like” by anyone else before

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