Sat. May 28th, 2022

By Dannie

30 thoughts on “MILLIONS in Gold and Silver Bullion STOLEN!”
  1. 3:44 a little correction. I’m from Switzerland. You say credi and not credit in french. Credit Suisse is french and you don’t pronounce the t in credit. 😉

  2. The state of Virginia has sales tax on Silver, Gold and platinum up to 1000$, any thing over 1000$ is Tax exempt, so the tax exempt will apply to any thing over 1000$. Palladium is tax period. So the State of Virginia still taxes any under 1000$.

    1. I’m glad the stuff I stack up here in Toronto isn’t affected by extra tax. Thanks for watching bud!

    2. It a shame the Democrats claim to help the poor but blue states have laws like that looking out for the wealthy while screwing the poor.

    1. I’m sure that they have insurance, it’s still a pain in the ass lol. Thanks for watching bud!

  3. Possibly the truck full of precious metal ,was stolen
    In Oz, could be find in Perths mint ,if you would like to investigate ,it’s just a hint .

    1. I know, it’s crazy how often I come across these articles. Thanks for watching bud!

    1. I’m lucky that all the stuff I stack up in Canada is tax free. Thanks for watching bud!

    1. I’m lucky all the stuff I stack up in Canada is tax free. Thanks for watching bud!

  4. This is certainly a new trend, seems like they found an untapped resource for their racket. Hope this serves as a wake up call to people. Some of those coins will stand out when selling. but most are never going to be tracked I’m afraid.

    1. It seems like I am coming across articles like this ever week. Thanks for watching bud!

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