Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

So in my previous video i melted down some gold scrap and made a gold ingot, well now I’m turning that into a ring without the use of a template, mill or draw plate.

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By Lilliam

20 thoughts on “MAKING A GOLD RING FROM GOLD INGOT/BULLION (sandcasting)”
  1. Are those little slivers of metal that you add to the gaps just pure gold? What is the purity of the gold?

    1. Its gold solder, so a mixture of gold and other materials, not sure what and what percentages

  2. Very inspiring. What type of torch are you using for soldering and annealing in the video?

  3. You did a great job you could have forgone the solder and attempted to fuse it

  4. Ring may not be having good weight because of casting.gold must be forged or drawn

  5. Not sure how you were able to get gold to melt with a single MAP gas torch. I tried two torches and could not get half that amount of gold flakes to melt in a similar sized crucible.

  6. what was the point of that useless thing it will be as weak as a drink of water more solder than gold three joints asking for trouble i wont be trying it would have been better to use a hammer to draw the gold out than all that lark

  7. Mal muy mal. Cómo vas a soldar el ríel. Entonces tú argolla es de dos piezas 😢nooo corrijo en tres piezas q porquería!!!

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