Sat. May 28th, 2022

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A 4k Camera & close ups of coins! What more can you want!?

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15 thoughts on “Let Down Again By The Royal Mint Quality control And It’s Such a Shame Too – Platinum Jubilee Gold!!”
  1. That is why I stay away from proof coins. Too much risk for my old bones. Who is to say some marks may not appear at some later date?

  2. Great looking 1/4 oz proof apart from the scratch of course, i was lucky and got a silver proof jubilee coin which is very nice. I just hope that The Royal Mint will get the QC on these beautiful products right one of these days before some of us lose faith in what we are buying. Great vid, thanks..

  3. I am thinking the Royal Mint should be hiring you for quality control my friend. This one makes 2 for 2 poor pieces from them. The coin design though is great.

  4. Love the RM coins but they need to have more stringent QA processes. I do get frustrated sometimes when I want something and don’t get it because of the ‘queue’ process but nevertheless my endeavour continues…

  5. I have seen YouTubers complain about a tiny nick on a business strike, but on a special proof coin – it should be free of imperfections – that’s why you spend so much more on it. The Royal Mint is much easier to deal with than the US Mint, so I reckon you will be satisfied in the long run. I stopped ordering from the US Mint, because it is simply not worth it. I hope TRM doesn’t go downhill, as so many businesses have been lately.

  6. If it’s limited to 1,000 and the issue is sold out how can they replace it, I know this might be stupid and I am asking my granny to suck eggs but just not sure how it would be done. Would they really mint one coin over again.

  7. Her Majesty looking very smart on the horse there, good to see. Hearkens back to an age when monarchs were pictured on horseback (if not slaying dragons with a lance, although that would be a thing to see).

  8. Fantastic coin imo better than the 2022 sovereign and very very close to beating the tudor rose sovereign in design

  9. I had a negative experience myself, I bought a 2 oz silver Una and The Lion and just two weeks after getting my hands on it, it started showing terrible milk spots that ruined it. Since then many emails have been exchanged every 3-4 months (because they always seem to forget about it) and still the issue is unresolved 🙁 I know the coin arrived in good status, but the timing of the milk spots is not acceptable and to me it is like a fraud.

  10. At first I thought that you were being rather pedantic but then, on reflection, these items cost a great deal of money so I think you are absolutely right to complain. 😊

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