Sat. May 28th, 2022

Today in our latest interview, Jim Rickards explains how the Federal Reserve Bank are only going to bungle monetary policy in 2022 and you should be more concerned about disinflation than inflation. Plus, the three books you need to read to be a better investor.

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By Rubin

21 thoughts on “Jim Rickards: How the Federal Reserve Bank are going to bungle monetary policy in 2022”
  1. Surprised you’re even allowed to ralk in Australia now without permission from the covid Gestapo

    1. @A Y But I have my papers to prove I can incite on fridays between the hours of 9am- 10am UK time.😂

  2. I used to buy Rickard’s every book and largely buy into his beliefs. However, more recently he has said the Austrians don’t know what they are talking about, which is very questionable. Their predictions are longer time frames, and history bears them out. Also, he’s always selling something self-serving. Here he is naively ASSUMING that the U.S. still has its gold, contrary to many many gold experts–and human nature. There are spooky indications to the contrary. Our gold has not been audited since the 1950s, and the paranoid U.S, which lies about everything, and refuses to any efforts at transparency, is highly suspicious. His “collector’s item” book The Big Drop, has 81 volumes selling on Amazon for as low as 36 cents today. That is essentially worthless, because who would bother to get out of their chair and process a sale for as little as 36 cents? Finally, Rickards appears to be overlooking one brutal fact: the U.S. government cannot fund itself without printing money to do it. That will never end–the Austrians are correct.

    1. I also have bought every book by Jim and have the utmost respect for him however I have watched every interview he has done for the last two years and he has been predicting deflation not disinflation. He is clearly changing his mind but refuses point blank to admit he was wrong on his immediate deflation thesis following the pandemic😂😂

      Having said that, in the new great depression he predicted deflation followed by very high inflation.

    2. This is a very good assessment of Mr Rickards. This guy was instrumental in the 2008 bale out, he’s a very slick talker, he throws a lot balls at people…….put simply I don’t trust him.

  3. They have lied about inflation since 1970. The evidence is now overwhelming. Puppet powell dare not deny it anymore. Its by design to allow them to spend more and aquire more assets at the working class expense. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Inflation is a tax which melts away their excessive spending. All paid by the taxpayer.

  4. I was enjoying this until you came out with the comment US has 75% of reserves in gold. You mean Paper traded GLD. Not physical. Hence the push down in price and also other countries starting to buy more and more. Because they know if the price of gold gets pegged against its true market price. These outside countries to US becomes very powerful.

    1. I would like to know how he arrives at his 75% figure.
      Assume the US Treasury really does own 261 million ounces of gold. At a market price of $1,800 per ounce, that is worth $470 billion. The Fed says on its FRED website that the M1 “money” supply (M1SL) is $20,080 billion. Dividing: $470/$20,080 = .0234 = 2.34%
      How does he get 75%? Does he assume the US holds $15 trillion worth of gold? At today’s price, that would be 8.3 billion ounces (260,000 tons) of gold. Or perhaps he assumes the real, unmanipulated price of gold is $57,500 per ounce? Or,…??? What am I missing?

    2. @Mark Voelker woah man that’s some mega numbers 57k per ounce sounds right in relation to all the manipulation that’s going on! Great maths

  5. Canada went from 0 to 100 tons in 2021. Still very low holdings for a central bank of its size.

  6. gold is quite a bit cheaper now than 10 years ago. during these 10 years was ALL of quantitative easing, a huge sign that indeed QE is not money printing (it’s illegal for the Fed to print money fyi)

  7. I thought the idea is to take cash/fiat currency out of the banks and exchange it for precious metals etc. So why is Jim saying that cash is a valuable item to have when we know that the Fed is devaluing it all the time by continual printing and handing out subsidies etc. When the stock market crashes and the banks foreclose how do you get your cash/fiat saving out? Thought we were told to get it out of the banks control and hold it in private vaults with your gold and silver holdings.

  8. Can’t find his book? There are 115 used copies on Amazon starting at 36 cents plus shipping and about $5.00 with free shipping. Real collectors item.

  9. Don’t forget.The greatest danger to our prosperity is the bankrupt state. It will take its fair, or unfair share. All visible wealth is therefore in great danger. Diversification is therefore only possible to a limited extent. Greetings from Switzerland

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