Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

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Today I will be discussing whether or not it is worth waiting until Cyber Monday To buy precious metal bullion online!
As always a big thank you to my viewers and subscribers you guys watching, commenting, and liking are what keeps my channel going and growing! If you ever have any suggestions, comments, questions or anything else feel free to leave them in the comment section below!
Is It Worth The Wait? Buying Precious Metal Bullion Platinum, Gold And Silver On Cyber Monday Week!
This channels main purpose is to provide viewers with a better understanding of Platinum as well as other precious metals as a whole. I am by no means a financial advisor I am simply just a guy sharing his thoughts on Platinum and precious metals as well as sharing info I have learned over time and providing up close and personal views of my personal platinum stack!

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By Elvia

10 thoughts on “Is It Worth The Wait? Buying Precious Metal Bullion Platinum, Gold And Silver On Cyber Monday Week!”
  1. Thanks for the heads up for Friday and Monday
    I’m new to stacking and excited about the next week and hopefully the spot price stays low even a better sale ❕❕
    I’m not really into the collectors stuff although I did but a tube of the Wall Street bets 1oz. Enjoy everyone hopefully we find some steals

  2. You just answered my question that I posted on the other video lol I will tune in tomorrow

  3. I’d like to see another spot AGE deal this week. Problem is they sell out within minutes because they don’t offer enough of them.

  4. Will keep my eye out for deals! BF or CM either one the best deals hopefully are going to be really good!

  5. Looks like the time has come! πŸ’‘
    The removal of precious metals from the elemental chart and adding of cryptos. πŸ˜‚

  6. Do you ever see any black friday/cyber monday deals on fractional gold? Not sure I can afford a 1 oz right now but would like to try and find a decent deal on a 1/4 oz maple or AGE

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