Sat. May 28th, 2022

Which type of physical gold is the best to buy and stack? In this video, we will explore whether you should choose gold coins or bars. Buying physical gold is a big step for any investor and you want to ensure you are stacking the right type of gold for your situation and preference. While gold bars are usually cheaper than gold coins, basing your decision on price alone is not enough. I have been investing into physical gold for almost 10 years now and I would like to share some knowledge on the best way to buy the precious metal to help you preserve wealth and maximise your investment gains. Let’s dive in!

✅ Timestamps & Chapters:
0:00 Intro
0:48 Trust & Security
4:06 Which Is Cheaper?
4:57 Variety & Design
7:43 Liquidity & Sell-back Value
9:37 Where You Are In The World
11:01 Closing Thoughts

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30 thoughts on “Investing In Gold Bars vs Coins? Choose Wisely!”
  1. I like the smaller spreads between the buy price and the sell back price, this applies to silver as well. We can hope to recover some premium paid but it’s not guaranteed since we don’t know what the future holds. For silver and gold stackers it goes beyond the mind what the valuation is in fiat currencies of their metals stack since they’re preparing for a world where fiat currency may not exist! At least for a time period. The central banks are doing their best to conspire with the commercial banks to hold down the valuation of silver and gold in order to keep things under control.

  2. Another great video, Sean. I am a one ounce Gold Maple stacker. I don’t mind paying $13 more With the security features and Worldwide recognition a Gold stacker can’t go wrong. Also, the 24k is a benefit for people that live in Countries that tax Gold that falls below .995 purity. Any 24k coin or bar should be always be in a protective capsule…..Why take a chance of a scratch or a dropped coin or bar? I suggest for stackers to stay away from anything that is fractional, the premiums are just too high. Better to save up and buy those one ounce coins!

  3. Hi from Texas. I really enjoy your videos, thank you, very informative.
    For the purposes of the American consumer… Do you have any tips on buying pre-1933 gold coins?

    1. Never mind, I just watched another one of your videos where you answered my questions pretty much. Thanks again. Lol

  4. I just started stacking last year and have primarily been focusing on 1 oz Gold coins. I may add some bars in the future but I prefer coins for now. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Alot of LCD don’t like to buy the bars in the cardboard holders becouse they are faked alot.

    1. Hmm interesting. I believe many LCD prefer coins above all else, can’t really blame them though.

  6. In the jurisdiction I live a collection of coins is classified as a consumer good, similar to jewellery, and not as wealth (which bars generally would be). A collection isn’t reportable and isn’t subject to wealth tax. For long term holding, a collection of coins is much cheaper and much more private than holding bars.

    1. Technically it isn’t, but for the comparison, SD Bullion lumped it as generic as well as a separate category. But PAMP is usually cheaper.

  7. One benefit of the coin is you can balance it on your finger and tap the edge with a pen. Each design and material of coin can have a distinct sound, but once you learn what a kruggerand, canadian maple, or american eagle sounds like, this sound cannot be faked. Since the coins are manufactured with high repeatability, this sound serves as a signature to verify the authenticity when used in combination with basic physical measurements. So no fake coin can pass all four of the following checks: weight, diameter, thickness, acoustic ping. Tungsten can pass the first three but will have an empty thud when tapped. This is the easiest way to verify gold with primitive tools and is the origin of the phrase “sound money”.

  8. If you only have the ability to pick 1 metal for the next 5 years of stacking .. which would it be – only one

  9. I rather buy coins than bars from the bullion stores. Cheaper bars on the secondary market are tempting but am worried of fakes. Another fantastic video, thanks for sharing Sean. Cheers 👍🏻😊

    1. Thanks Georgie! Hmm makes us wonder if it’s time to invest in a Sigma Metalytics tester!

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