Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

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By Mack

16 thoughts on “GOLD: Nothing More, Nothing Less, Nothing Else!”
  1. @Sal- great video! Hindsight is always 20-20. If you want an undervalued play now, do platinum. When it’s over $6K per ounce, you’ll remember me ☺️

  2. Gold will always be Gold and nothing to worry about it. It was long before we were here, and it will here long after we are gone. Very nicely done video, my friend, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

    1. I was told when i was about 10, but I’m still not a millionaire. The trouble is that we all have financial hiccups in our lives and liquidating some metals to get through that is always a better option than getting into debt.

  3. Look at all those gold coins. Wow Sal. I am saving in silver and waiting to transfer to gold at the right time

  4. If the value of gold goes up higher than inflation over the time you’ve held gold, then it would be more of an investment than a hedge.

  5. I agree with “Trump won”. Metals are a good place to store value, as an insurance position. But don’t ignore dollar denominated investments. They frequently have earnings beyond the rate of inflation. So, no, the dollar is not simply inflating away, unless you keep it under your mattress. INVEST your dollars and maintain a sensible level of metals.

  6. “Gold Maple”, agree. The problem is that the rest of the world is as irresponsible as the US with their own currency. So if they don’t like the US dollar,, what currency would they choose? Looks like everybody is to blame to me, not just the US.

  7. 250 an ounce . Ah my heart aches . Well back then most my money went to drinking and whatever else came along . Laughing with friends and chasing the ladies took precedence . I wish I could go back and throttle the young me but that behavior thank God didn’t last too long , took a toll and cost me dearly but that was a long time ago and a few different lives also .
    Funny to think someone else will have all the stacks we stack and not really know much if anything about who possessed it before , such is life .

  8. Gold meets every definition of the meaning of investment.

    Saying gold is not an investment is a meaningless catch phrase, like bitcoin is digital gold. Saying it repeatedly doesn’t make it any more true.

  9. Love that gold . I’m picking up 3 1/4 oz type 1 eagles today for an unbelievable price . Sticking with gold for 2022 thanks sal

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