Gold Jewelry VS Gold Bullion: Which Should You Stack?

Gold Jewelry VS Gold Bullion: Which Should You Stack?

When it comes to stacking gold whether for the purpose of trying to store wealth or as an invest, many people ask whether they should put their money into jewelry or bullion.

Which would you think is more ideal?

The answer is very subjective depending upon circumstances and preference.

Generally speaking, you would pay more for the gold jewelry as you would be paying for the craftsmanship that went into the creation of the piece. Additionally, the majority of readily available gold jewelry typically tends to be 14k or 14k Plated. The resale market for such gold jewelry tends to be difficult and the rate of return on your investment is typically very low to the extent that it is more likely that you would receive less than what you paid for the item.

However, gold bullion is cheaper when you compare the cost and the purity of the bullion. Whilst you would be paying a higher price initially, it is worth noting that the gold is purer and is typically 24k pure gold. The resale market for these pieces tends to be better as pure gold is always in demand and it is often easier to sell gold bullion.

Therefore, the return on investment is greater when gold bullion is purchased rather than gold jewelry.

It would be interesting to know your opinions on which you prefer to stack and why. Let us know in the comments below.

Please note that the above is not financial advice; it is only for entertainment purposes.

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