Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Should you buy gold in physical form or in electronic form? Find out in this video.

First, I would like to thank you all for your response to my last video – Gold 60,000 & Silver 75,000.

It has almost 30,000 views on YouTube as I write this.

I would like to reply to the most important query I received in the comments of that video.

Should you buy gold in physical format or via ETFs?

Find the answer in this video…

#GoldETFs #Bullion #ShouldWeBuyGold

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By Shane

17 thoughts on “Gold ETFs or Gold Bullion?”
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  2. Brilliant explaination. But at the end of video I am in confused state and may be your purpose is served Sir.

  3. you are right. I sold all my Gold ETFs, and bought physical bullions. I fear the whole monetary system will crash on itself shortly, as everything is going exponential now, Central Bank Balance sheet, debt, money printing, Equity markets, BitCoin, etc…..it seems we are in the final phase of this fiat experiment started August 15th, 1971. any video on the subject ??

  4. very informative how about soverign bond fund. I would be glad If you include subject of different method to buy gold

  5. I buy physical bullion gold for save my purchasing power ,preserve my wealth, insurance purpose
    all over the world government printing money like crazy drunken sailor , I think every one own some portion of their wealth in hard assets like gold, silver,realestate,commodities , agriculture product etc
    Technology is deflationary , all central bank around the world fight with huge deflationay force

    sir, you should listen jim ricards podcast on the new great depression book

  6. 11:11 I paused the video, took 8-10 seconds to digest what u said, and now I have my answer ✅

  7. You are buying bullion, in whatever form, as a hedge against inflation not because you don’t trust paper. You are buying bullion to diversify your portfolio. Disadvantages of buying bullion in physical form: impurities, 22 carat not 24 carat, pay GST on purchase, storage cost, risk of theft, LTCG on sale. Hey, you haven’t spoken about GOI SGB. You have always advocated to buy bullion in physical form and have a strong bias in this direction so you will find a reason to advise against buying bullion in electronic form. We all know of the fixation of the Indian psyche towards physical gold

  8. Talking about ETF’s vs physical gold: what is your take on the Fort Knox gold holdings? The American govt is very secretive about doing a stock take of its gold holdings.. rumours are a plenty that they have mortgagges other countries gold because Of economic state of USA?

  9. I follow you very closely. Now I listen to every of your videos! I am a Goldbug but I see gold tanking badly.. so I like to listen to you.. Thanks for the topic.

  10. Why should physical gold ? Because Chanakya said “dusre ke paas rakha dhan aur kita mein raha gyan koi kan ja nahi.”

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