Tue. Jan 18th, 2022


Quick Video Synopsis: It’s not a direct acquisition of gold, but it’s pretty close for a guy who has been disparaging the metal for years!

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Yahoo Finance “Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway snapped up Barrick Gold in Q2, sold Goldman Sachs” – https://finance.yahoo.com/news/warren-buffett-buy-barrick-gold-201428776.html

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By Jasmin

19 thoughts on “GOLD Bullion Is About To SOAR!! (Here’s why..)”
  1. Is the newly discovered Egyptian gold mine going to affect gold prices in the upcoming years?

  2. … just for perspective here, you put his two big funds together you have over a trillion dollars in value… this investment is about .0005 of their combined holdings. It is less than pocket change. I am with the upward mobility of the metals, but would only suggest that WB did not exactly bet the ranch on this. He is just moving a very, very small percentage of his money into the idea. That being said, he doesn’t like to lose money, so he probably sees it as a winner over the long haul. He’s got a grand in his pocket… he just put 50 cents on gold.

    1. Look at Barrick today

      Biggest news it’s ever had and it’s barely moving, the idiots of the market would rather bet on shit companies and tech stocks than Gold

    1. Likely not until it gets overheated. I believe they’re still chasing Chesapeake and Hertz

  3. Explorations companies have shown to explode if they find something. There was an interview in Arcadia economics that suggested some ridiculous multiples of share price if deposits are found.

  4. I did buy the dip. I was semi bearish because the dollar is rising until stonk land take a dip and the FEDs make a pump. I sold a covered call on GOLD at 29. Guess I have to find a reentry next week.

  5. This was in Q2…prior to the recent run-up. Buffett has likely added since. I’d be surprised if we don’t see some Newmont in Q3.

  6. He’s been one of the wealthiest on the planet for decades, things are definitely going to shift around this stake, even if to him 500mill is chump change that’s still a big money move even for people in the 1%.

  7. The elite will always bash gold and silver so the sheep stay away from it thinking it’s a scam but will turn around and buy up gold and silver.

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