Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Season 2 – Episode Two

Mark Yaxley hosts Senior Precious Metals Analyst, Jeff Clark, inside SWP’s Cayman Islands gold vault to talk about the fundamentals of the gold and silver market. Jeff explains how the price of gold and silver is established, what the influencing factors on the price are, how big (or small) the gold and silver markets really are and why gold makes an excellent hedge. He also shares the reasons why he likes silver so much. Enjoy this fun and educational video with one of the industry’s top analysts.

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About Inside The Vault:
Join Mark Yaxley as he hosts esteemed guests and shares his expert tips on gold and silver delivered to you directly from inside SWP’s Cayman Islands gold vault. Inside The Vault provides investors with insights and education about a variety of topics related to owning precious metals. You can follow SWP by SUBSCRIBING to our YouTube channel or follow us on Twitter @SWPGold or visit www.swpcayman.com.

Season 2 Episodes:
Understanding Macroeconomics with Raoul Pal
Gold and Silver Market Fundamentals with Jeff Clark
Spot Price, Premiums and Total Spread Explained
Top 10 Precious Metal Products to Own
How to Keep Your Precious Metals Safe at Home
Practical Uses of Precious Metals in Every Day Life
Allocated vs. Unallocated vs. Segregated Metals
How to Buy Precious Metals

Season 1 Episodes:
Coins vs Bars – Gold vs Silver – Which one should I buy?
Gold vs Silver – Which metal is better to own?
Travelling With Precious Metals – Tips for the airports and customs
Shipping Gold and Silver – How to prepare a package for shipment?
Testing Precious Metals – Five ways to avoid fakes
Testing Gold Bars with PAMP Suisse’s Veriscan authentication technology
Home Storage vs. Offshore Storage – How much should I keep at home?
Collecting Rare Coins – Expert advice on collecting gold coins


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Storing Gold and Silver – At home, at the bank and in a secure storage facility
Going Global – Owning gold and silver offshore

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