Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Gold and Silver are going to break out in 2022. In this video I discuss why I think gold and silver will rise dramatically in 2022, largely due to upcoming federal reserve action, and how I’m taking advantage of it in a big way by buying physical precious metals and buying a tremendous gold junior mining stock. Will there be a pullback in the price of gold and silver in 2022 or will gold follow history and lead silver on the way to higher gold and silver spot prices? Watch as I interview the CEO of Gold Mining Inc and talk about my ultimate silver prediction for gold in 2022. Also, check out these amazing Fed Fund Rate statistics that indicate much higher gold prices which I mention in the video:

▶ Feb, 1972 – Dec, 1974: Rates 3.29% to 12.92%, Gold $48.40 to $186.50 – GAIN OF 285.33%!
▶ Jan, 1977 – Apr, 1980: Rates 4.61% to 17.61%, Gold $132.10 to $850 – GAIN OF 543.45%!
▶ Dec, 1992 – Apr, 1995: Rates 2.92% to 6.05%, Gold $332.90 to $405.60 – GAIN OF 21.84%!
▶ May, 2004 – Jul, 2006: Rates 1.00% to 5.24%, Gold $387.30 to $730 – GAIN OF 88.48%!
▶ Dec, 2015 – Jul, 2019: Rates 0.25% to 2.50%, Gold $1,050 to $1,440 – GAIN OF 37.14%!
▶ 2022 – ???: What will Interest rates and Gold/Silver do?


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By Daryl

19 thoughts on “Gold and Silver are going to break out ↗ in 2022, and THIS is why!”
  1. I have a bunch of the pre-33 Indians and absolutely love them! I traditionally try to buy them in XF condition as they will contain very small amounts of wear and are truly more brilliant looking then the lower level grades! Beautiful pieces and not many places you can still find them for sale so get them while they are hot! Yankee, Question for you. I’m looking to add GLDG to my IRA tomorrow when the exchange opens. What are your top three reasons for buying it, just curious from your perspective? Thank you for the amazing video and Happy New Year to you and your family and God Bless. 👊

    1. Can’t wait to get me some more of them! Going to Tim’s tomorrow in fact!

      As to gold mining, I actually listed off five reasons at the end of the video. In short, Great cost value in there gold mining resources (under four dollars an ounce), a tremendous portfolio of properties, fantastic leadership and insider holdings, and you get a phenomenal royalty and uranium exposure! 👌🏼

    2. @Yankee Stacking Figured I would just double down and ask your top 3 which I absolutely agree. I just added them to my IRA and love what I researched about them today! Very exciting news. Thank you for doing this interview! As for the Pre-33’s, aren’t they amazing? Holding historical value as well as a hard asset is a win win in my books! They are flying off the shelves online with major sellers so get em while they last! Coolest design too I think on the Indians. Awesome video 👊👊

  2. I don’t know if gold will go up, the freakin millennials are heavy into their crypto tokens. That’s their new gold.

  3. With inflation and money printing, gold should be at least $5k now and it isn’t so something is different this time around or very wrong.

    1. Eventually I will unfortunately be correct, and I’ll be glad I have some wealth insurance. Good thing I “invest” in other asset classes that have provided me great returns over the last 20 years. Are you disappointed when you spend months if not years driving back-and-forth without having to use your car insurance? I’m not.

  4. Been adding to my silver stack pretty hard I think they only can manipulate it for so long

  5. You know, I am soooo sick and tired of people whining like little sheep…because PM are not rising. Just keep buying more. PM are a LOOOONG term investment. An inflation hedge to preserve wealth. It is 5% of a portfolio. If people cannot understand that..then get the FK out of PM…

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more, Dave! unfortunately, people are looking at gold silver as a get rich quick scheme. They’re NOT! in fact, they’re not really even a traditional “investment“. They’re insurance! WEALTH insurance!

  6. Yankee, How is it that you, Dan from I Allegedly, Rob Kientz from GoldSilver, and Travis The economic ninja, all promote GoldMining inc within 24 hours of one another?

  7. Hi Yankee, Please Check your Email. I Won Your Yankee Stacking Cup. Need To Make Sure You Received My Address. Thank You

  8. Just picked up my first Buffalo. When folks see their paper savings disappear due to inflation, a return to even the 3 decade mean of Silver and Gold as a savings product with create an impressive physical squeeze.

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