Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

#silver #Gold #germaniamint
This video is not financial advice, it is my opinion only.

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#silver #Gold #germaniamint
This video is not financial advice, it is my opinion only.

This video contains paid promotion. I (Backyard Bullion) have been gifted this Silver Round by The Germania Mint. This gift was in no means payment for a positive review and both The Germania Mint and myself agreed upon this before any gifts exchanged hands.

This review is my own opinion and is open, honest and fair. If you like this piece and would like to buy it having watching this video this is YOUR decision alone.

More information about this product can be found on The Germania Mint’s Website:

2021 Knights of the Past 10 euro 2 oz Silver BU

Please note that we DO NOT receive any commission or affiliate bonus for the sales of this product and are not tied financially to the success of it.

Obverse: Knights of Malta
Reverse: Central Bank of Malta coat of arms

Knights of the Past is the first commemorative coin created through close cooperation between the Central Bank of Malta and Germania Mint. This issue will start a series of unique bullion coins, which in a modern way refer to the traditions of the Order of Malta. The collection will be the result of a collaboration, combining superior minting and precious metals quality, with the artistic vision, marketing and distribution of both institutions.

The obverse of the first coin of the series depicts the Knights of Malta in a battle array, with the famous Verdala Palace in the background. The reverse of the coin presents the Central Bank of Malta coat of arms on a shield, held by a Maltese knight.

The 2021 Knights of the Past 1 oz Silver BU will be issued in mintage of 15 000 coins with certificate and blisterpack in the fall of 2021.

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18 thoughts on “Germania Mint Coin With Quality Issues – Stunning High Relief 2 oz Silver Knights of the Past!”
  1. Got the ‘plain’ silver version of this coin myself that I’m already in love with, but this partially gold version maybe is even more amazing. 😁

    Happy holidays, BYB! πŸ‘

  2. It is stunning but it didnt need the gold sword, guilding the 10 Euro or the cross on his chest maybe, or could have been all antiqued except for a proof shine sword, but yea gorgeous. Anyway all the bst and Merry Christmas BYB.

    1. I’ve noticed a lot of fancy NIUE coins with warriors gild the weapons with gold, probably where they got the idea from.

  3. Is it your camera giving it a slight green tint in parts of the cervices, or is it the antiquing applied, or something else? I love that high relief! Have you seen the Hogwarts kg coin in high relief, it looks really deep. Very cool Christmas present, enjoy the Holidays!

    1. Could be a little bit of both to be honest. It’s a great looking coin but the quality let down is a shame. Regardless, a testimony of how good they are as a company just because they sent one that wasn’t great and were happy to let me criticize it!

  4. The original version gets is my coin of the year, even over the crown coin. It’s very detailed, cool and not at an exhorbant price.

  5. Incredible relief on that coin! My goodness! 😍😍
    Nice camera work. I feel like I had it in hand… Wish I did anyway πŸ˜ƒ

  6. Hhahaha!! Luckily for me, BYB, I may be the only stacker on YT who won’t be having any holidays. If u look at my latest video, u will see that I have a lot of uploading to do over the holiday, with the latest exclusive coins from Perth mint and USA just arrived. πŸ˜…

  7. 2 out of 10 scoring I would rate this coin. It’s a failure coin in my opinion. Thanks for the video.

    1. @UnoriginalHazard Many things: The bend sword, the gold plating, the mat finish, the expensive price. It just does not look right to me, sorry.

  8. Wow 10 Euro worth
    This is a lot.
    There is a gold coin 1 oz,only worth 1,5 Euro.
    Also the philharmonica is 1.5 Euro.
    Try to biy something in europe with it.
    I guess you will not get anything.
    Normally there are state coins like the 5 DM GedenkmΓΌnze and also some gold coins from europe states,
    but this ?

  9. One hell of a good looking high relief coin, been so tempted to buy. I do have two Knights of Malta coins which im very happy with. Have a very Merry Chrismas..

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