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Question 1: 1:04
Will my iShares gold bullion ETF, and, iShares Silver shares match the value along with physical gold and silver? 

Question 2: 3:23
With a 30-year fixed mortgage. Why does inflation benefit me over the 30 year term? I am NOT grasping this concept. 

Question 3: 5:08
If someone has their mortgage paid off, would it be a good idea to take on a new mortgage at a fixed rate solely for buying gold? 

Question 4: 6:35
How will we use gold and silver after the collapse? Do we pay for things directly with them or convert them into dollars? How would it work with CBDC’s? 

Question 5: 7:49
If Feds make Gold illegal to own…who would buy it from you so you can payoff your mortgage or credit card bills? 

Question 6: 8:59
How long do you suspect the market can withstand this hyperinflation before a complete failure?

Question 7: 11:05
Can Lynette explain why she prefers coins over gold bars?

Question 8: 12:59
Do you think the USA will ever shed the FED and go back on the gold standard?

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By Reita

  1. 99.9999% of the world’s population can in no way participate in the purchase of specialty coins, the way you, your Uncle Al and the world’s wealthiest invest in gold. What you are telling the rest of us is, I’ve got mine, now you need to get yours.

  2. Sure wish Lynette would answer the question about paying in gold or exchanging it for fiat or cbdc. We always hear about the uncle and numismatic, but what about answering the question as asked. Irritating as he’ll. I guess we’d better pick up another channel where they might just simply answer the question. Perhaps they won’t have an uncle we hear about 10,000 times. Who cares about the uncle in the past? The person is asking about the flipping future…

  3. What about paxos gold as a way of investing in gold and crypto simultaneously? Invested as a small percentage of one already has physical gold and silver. Just curious. I haven’t invested in it, but I am looking into it.

  4. So it’s not good to payoff your mortgage early? I think it was beneficial that i paid my mortgage off in 10 years I actually saved a lot on interest that would’ve been amortized over 30 years so with the extra money I use that to invest which turned out pretty good

    1. U DON’T get it – paying off your mortgage when interest rates are high is good but not necessarily the same when interest rates are near zero.

  5. Because something historically was exempt from confiscation does not mean it would be again. Governments can do what they want. Why does she still run with this bull.

  6. Fuck that i don’t care what laws they past, i have a right to defend myself. and my property, and will shoot to kill, anyone who tries me. dead. 💀

  7. I personally think its a terrible ideal to take a mortgage to buy gold… Dont forget these videos are made bye a precious metals dealer wanting to make a profit

  8. Garbage. Buy silver and golld from us at huge premiums, especially overpriced coins which you can later sell to no one at the prices you paid. Also, it might be a good idea to mortgage your loan free home to buy metals, really? Listen with both ears friends, some good talk here but be careful of what you buy.

  9. The laws of bail in instead of bailout, 01/01/2013 GOLD WAS IMPLEMENTED AS A TIER 1 ASSET. SAME AS U.S TREASUREARY BONDS. After the 1929 crash they confiscated everyone’s gold. Present day they can legally confiscate everyone’s gol because GOLD IS NOW A TIER 1 ASSET!!! Even old coins,why because its gold and a tier 1 asset! THESE CROOKS LEARNED FROM THE PAST!

  10. This people who will confiscate your assets are the same people who screw up and bankrupt the economy, use up and wastefully spend the money that you already gave paying taxes. Do you think people will trust or give them their tangible assets just like that?

  11. When Silver was over $49.00 an ounce, even the “collectibles” were the same price. Collectibles really should be certified, so why pay $20.00 to certify when the metal is all the same price? Same holds for gold. Who’s going to care when it was made?

    And about confiscation…? Trust in the gov these days is about zero, unlike before. When something becomes “illegal” there will be a big black market. Don’t believe me? Look at drugs? That industry is alive and well.

    How about prohibition? moonshine was still around…?

    What if fire-arms are deemed illegal? You don’t think they won’t be available?

    I bought in to collectibles in the past and way overpaid for it. Won’t ever do it again

    In hard times, people aren’t going to care if its bullion or rare. What’s important is you get it and have some.

    But more importantly, better have something to eat with a warm place to eat it. If I have a choice between a cat and a pile of gold, I’ll take the cat because I can eat it. I’ll get no nutrition out of metal, pre-33 or otherwise.

    Buy what works for you and your situation alone, and when the tide rises, all boats rise with it. From expensive yachts to a small fishing boat. Why over pay for a yacht when a fishing boat can catch just as many fish?

    Any metal is metal to me. Continuing to scare people into buying overpriced metal by looking in the rear view mirror is unethical, in my opinion.

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