Sat. May 28th, 2022

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Do you Have A Gold & Silver Problem? – The Dangers of Buying Gold & Silver Are Rarely Talked About!!

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16 thoughts on “Do you Have A Gold & Silver Problem? – The Dangers of Buying Gold & Silver Are Rarely Talked About!!”
  1. I’ve found buying silver is a useful way to stop myself wasting money on rubbish. I can’t buy, for example, yet more pairs of trainers with pandas, but I can with cash. So turn the cash into pandas and I’ve got something that lasts longer and holds value better than trainers. I still have no cash but now I have an asset instead.

  2. Such a great point, cannot be over stressed, I have limited my coin purchases lately to 1 at a time and buying within my means, it’s all too easy to overload the cart and then you’re stuck with the results for better or worse. I define this hobby as a collection because it doesn’t yield great returns like other things I’m involved in, but the excitement and the feeling of receiving a new silver or gold coin to keep is truly addictive.

  3. I’ve only bought one 250g bar from the silver influence with the wallstreet stuff. But other than that it’s been the only thing that I can save money with. Its hard to part with but that said I shifted 130 oz in 30 mins on fb groups. Needed a new pc and a few plug and play crypto things. Now I have 15 oz and starting the save-stack all over again only this time 50/50 gold and silver this time around.

  4. My addiction started back in 2018 with 10 1 Oz Gold Britannia’s and various bullion coins like Eagles, Krugs and Philharmonics etc. I was soon into Queens Beasts, but these weren’t really doing anything for me. I soon moved onto proof quintuple Sovereigns. I was even purchasing coins like the 5 Sov Gold Proof Junkie Kate at 5% above spot. I knew I had a problem. I even have a 1 Oz Gold Zombie Dog. I’m doing much better now though only purchasing 3 1/2 Oz of gold this year with a large amount of Fiat Currency (£10,000+) spent on TEOTWAWKI preps instead. You can’t eat Gold coins. I do still sometimes hanker after a coin like a Proof Eagle 2021 New design until I see the purchase price.

  5. Absolutely one of the most important videos about stacking that a new or intermediate stacker could ever hear. Really doing the community a service with this one. A+

  6. I set a DCA several years back and never had issue sticking to it. I have always gone for value buys and have very diverse holdings. I have always been enthusiastic with outcomes.

    Recently, rising gas and food costs have started making the same DCA uncomfortable and sometimes reduced.

    I did not realize how angry this would make me. I wish be a little more chill about it. But I’m not.

  7. Yep, it’s exact same as with crypto or shares or even the casino. You get yourself convinced that you have it all figured out and that if only you do this and that and this, you’ll be able to make money and if only I put in a little bit more I might make even a little bit more than that, and it very easy becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. And that’s before all the conspiracies and gameplaying even starts which can make things even worse. Or you find yourself listening to people who are selling you the idea of buying precious metals as a way of making money, but actually their way of making money off you is in their own cell. Just like all the guys who teach how to get rich seminars, the reason they are getting rich is because of the seminars, not because they actually got rich before hand. With everything in life, you always have to think, what incentive does this person have for telling me this. What could the potential angle be.

  8. changed my vices to something more production – PM Stacking, I’m now fully sober and my IQ increased significantly!

  9. I would like to send my condolences for the loss of the TV remote. This is a very difficult time for you and you should totally treat yourself to some gold. ATB 😁

  10. My goal was to assemble collections of precious metals which, at fair value, could provide me with 10% of my lifestyle for 25 years. As of two weeks ago I have reached this goal (at fair values 1/8 platinum, 5/8 gold, 2/8 silver) of putting my precious metals pension purchasing power protection provision in place. Now I feel less need to get more. Also, my safety deposit box doesn’t fit much more.

    To protect yourself somewhat from falling into any rabbit hole (or confirmation bias), delete your browser history and cookies at least once a day.

  11. Cant pay the bills and feed the kids….but I buy 100 oz. monthly. Thui video is not for me….thanks

    1. Really have no idea about your argument? You are saying you buy 100 oz monthly but you cannot pay your bills or feed your kids? Hmm, that doesn’t sound like a series of good life choices.

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