Sat. May 28th, 2022

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By Shane

15 thoughts on “Challenging Stacker Mentality & The Way We Look at Gold & Silver is Really Important! #silver #gold”
  1. USA. Bankrupt one in the past so we been there already. 1971 is year where USA Bankrupt as they default on converting the currency.

  2. im sure most people stack because they aint allowed too much savings when claiming benefits and its easier getting a bit of silver than a rolex sub!

    1. LOL. Then there’s folks like Regal Stacker who probably stash kilos of gold to avoid the tax man, not the benefits inspector!

  3. Lots of contradictions here. The CBs are in a catch 22. The system will have to change/collapse. PM valuations are part of the key to securing and storing your work energy vs devaluation of work energy through inflation over time (= salvery). You either get it or you don’t and the facts are that more people are getting it now than ever before. Think of your earnings in fiat $ as an ice cube that slowly melts over time. PMs keep that ice cube frozen and can even grow that ice cube over time…hopefully.

    1. or you could keep a cup of ice on hand and also invest in boring blue chip stocks like walmart, Microsoft, etc… companies that have grown by hundreds of percent over the last decade and aren’t going anywhere unless there’s an actual mad max scenario.

  4. Additional concerns here in the US is both the potential of the banking institution required reporting of cash deposits/withdrawals as well as the government instituting a “fedcoin” which allows the gov’t to track the spending of its citizens. Privacy will become a memory.

  5. When measures are enacted to contain a runaway economic state, metals are lackluster. For some, it creates the opportunity to “back up the truck” and “pull the trigger” as we “head for the moon”. All clichés aside, of course.

  6. I was born in Latvia, Soviet union at a time, in 1980. Year when Moscow hosted Olympics! They where super rich at the prime just as China now! First country to send a man in to space! That i think speaks for itself!
    People lived there really god . Everyone had a job, good income, savings free education and medicine.(we still have). But it collapsed… .And money printing did not saved it! And will not end good for US citizens. I can tell you that now.
    Just look mate at a numbers! USA debt all time high!!! 125% of GDP !!! Only time it`s ben so high is right after world war two when it hit 119% of GDP !!! They’re screwed !!! They waisted all that money and resources bombing other countries and fighting useless wars… killing thousands of people including they own!!! They can never pay it back! And print they way out of it! Just think! If that`s how the world would work we could all sit home and just keep printing! Why to go to work at all! And we all would be rich as well!
    But who would produce things we need like food, and who would build houses?! It does not work like that !!!
    I live in UK now but slowly i see same thing happening! Back then was exactly the same as it is now. In mid 90s there was even what you call now a Cryptos . Lot`s and lot`s of different pyramid schemes! Only now it all is happening online. People where naive just like now wanting easy money.
    My parents suddenly earned twice as much, but there was less and less stuff to buy. Until eventually shops were empty! All that money and savings was worth nothing! Pensions nothing! They saved for my future paper money and when i turned 14 years old they cashed out. But that money had no value. I had to ad an extra cash to buy pair of slippers i remember well. Wish they bought silver and gold instead! It was cheap and affordable nobody wanted it just like now. Just like now! Keep stacking!

  7. Silver is the most under valued commodity. Every electronic product contains Silver, how many new ev’s,solar panels and next 10 years.

  8. The state of the worlds finances does feel like an incoming tsunami, many people are down there on the beach wandering around all marvelling at where all the sea has gone. Having a stack is a bit like having your home many many miles inland and on top of a big hill, there may be many other safer places to be and other oportunities out there but we may just find our little home on that hill become prime beach front property very soon.

  9. Indeed. People can talk about how much “people are waking up and getting into metals” all they want, but unless you are actually hearing people talk about it IRL more than on occasional peak days, it’s best to tamp the hype. Like when is the last time a US president even mentioned silver?

  10. Love these videos just common sense talking. But Could you do a video from start to finish on getting a coin graded as a beginner

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