Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

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You’re looking at a map provided by CBDCtracker.org illustrating that now to begin 2022, countries representing over 90% of the world’s gross domestic product. Almost the entire global economy is, in one stage or another, implementing fiat central bank digital currencies or CBDCs.

Given that the world is currently drowning in debt and unsaved for unfunded promise piles, it makes sense that governments would seek to debase their fiat currency units faster than ever. Having an intra-national fiat #CBDC system to give out supplemental payments to suffering citizens makes sense, all while ganging further control over the underlying populace.

This week, China announced that the PBOC’s fiat CBDC yuan pilot program had launched digital apps for Android and Apple phones.

And only last week, the government of Mexico announced that they will have a fiat Mexican peso program by 2024.

How will further fiat currency digitization and debasement affect the bullion market to come?

This week we will take a gander at the late November 2021 OMFIF report entitled “Central bank digital currencies and #Gold” implications for reserve managers.

Hello, on behalf of SDBullion.com, this is James Anderson, and this is your SD #Bullion Market Update.

This week we saw a selloff in silver and gold spot prices to kick-off 2022.

The silver spot price dragged down near $22 oz, while the gold spot price finished just below the $1800 oz fighting line of late.

The gold-silver ratio ran up and closed at 80 to finish this week’s trading.

Reports from India show that 2021 had the most significant gold bullion demand in about one decade.

India imported around 1,050 metric tonnes of gold. Or over 33.7 million troy ounces.

We have to go back to 2011 to find high gold import demand in India.

Back when the Indian rupee price of gold began to run away to record high price levels. We are now nearly +50% higher in terms of the fiat rupee gold price in 2022, yet the Indian populace is still buying gold bullion tonnage in record volumes.

To give you a further perspective of how large 1,050 metric tonnes of gold bullion is for India alone in one year. That is almost the entire gold bullion pile registered and eligible that supposedly backstops the COMEX gold futures market, which still dominates the daily gold spot price fluctuations day-to-day.

Further news on the New York Commodity Market Exchange, this week, the CME Group’s COMEX lowered margin requirements for both leveraged Gold and Silver futures contract trading. This is often taken as a signal that more smaller-pocketed long traders may gain more traction in the coming weeks.

Of course, you all recall the COMEX raising silver margin requirements in late January 2021, which according to the CFTC Chairman Rostin Benham, helped to “tamp down what could have been a much worse situation in the silver market.”

We are now turning our attention to bullion in the coming fiat CBDC systems being launched this decade.

This report was supported by the World Gold Council a subsidiary of the oldest central bank and fiat currency backstop in the central bank game, the Bank of England. Much of report is noncommittal and speculative forward guessing in nature, Merely more a think piece on how gold’s role may change as the fiat CBDC comes into fruition.

I’ll leave a link to it in the show notes below.

Central bank digital currencies and gold: OMFIF https://www.omfif.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Central-bank-digital-currencies-and-gold-1.pdf

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That is all for this week’s SD Bullion market update.

As always, you out there.

Take great care of yourselves and those you love.

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  1. Why not give 25 people a tube share the wealth ..may cost more to ship but you all arnt hurting lol

  2. Looking at the Indian Rupee chart in 2016 the govt demonetized the currency right at the bottom at 70,000 rupees. Pretty sure there is a correlative move into Gold after that debacle.

  3. Yep. Glad I got what I did when I did. Wish I had more, but don’t we all? I have a plan and I’m still moving forward. A monster box of ASEs would round out my stack quite nicely… maybe you can hook a brother up! Smash.

  4. Just learned about the ratio between paper silver and physical silver….holy moly. How is the world not descending into an abyss right now? (More than it already is)

    1. Yes, it’s mind boggling, and isn’t it peculiar that not one person in government, the FED or big business has directed any attention to these facts?

  5. Excellent Stewardship, to share your gift of knowledge in educating the public. I was just reading this morning Genesis 13:2 Now Abraham was rich in livestock, silver and gold. Honorable men of any nation, are ones that want to better his fellow man for he and his family to thrive. To make strong community in education, health, pursuit of happiness, but most of all that all men are lifted up to a place of dignity in their personal stewardship of providing and protecting their family. Thank you James, and Doc.

  6. I have a feeling precious metals are about to become very very important in the coming decade.

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