Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Take a look at this beautiful 5 gram Gold bar made by Geiger Edelmetalle in Germany. This is some great gold bullion from a long standing mint. Comes with a premium because they are a classic and have been around for a long time. Whether silver or gold, Geiger is one of the few bullion pieces I am willing to pay a premium for…love this stuff!

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By Ali

35 thoughts on “Beautiful 5 Gram Geiger Edelmetalle Gold Bar…Pure Gold Bullion, Wow 😍”
  1. Oh yeah….luv that color…for a second I thought it was a gag with the packing foam…
    Awesome bar brother

  2. Im going to be getting a 1 gram gold Geiger its much smaller but I am looking forward to it! Especially after seeing this one

  3. You cannot open the plastic capsule , you have to destroy to remove the gold. That what I read online .

    1. I think shipping was $9.00. Not too bad for coming from Germany! Thanks for watching…I appreciate it!

    2. @Talking Bullion How on earth did you get shipping for $9? They charge 29 euro (31 usd) for shipping inside Europe! Something doesn’t seem right.

  4. when i bought it lΓ‘t year ,that was $236.45 , and today is $302.83

  5. Their buisness model is second to none. I mean Armenia subcontracted them and look what they did. They made a standard BU that looks better than most mints finest proofs. I really enjoy a nice sturdy and sealed assay case as well. You may pay a premium up front but from my experience as long as you take care of them there is no depreciation on the secondary market. I will always go with a buisness that sets a standard and doesn’t go below it over a buisness where you don’t have any peace of mind.

    1. They are beautiful…congrats on that purchase. I was able to get a few of the 5 gr gold by using eBay bucks proceeds which was really cool. Unfortunately, that situation is not possible in today’s high premiums and costs. Glad I did it while I could. Thanks for watching TS!

  6. I just ordered a 10 gram. I’m surprised its locked in there and not an easy option to open it

  7. The thing I love about Geiger Gold is it’s the most secure gold in the world, a lot of gold pieces have all these security features on it but you can have all the security features in the world on a fake piece of gold, you won’t get fake gold from Geiger.

    1. @Hugo Stiglitz Wow down to $610 now…that’s a great price. Love the Geiger gold!

    2. @Talking Bullion definitely, anything under 65 per gram for gold is a great price for fractional. I’ll be picking up a 10 g, I don’t like buying the 1 oz coins, I like fractional because of the barter trade potential. I do have a couple of 1 oz buffaloes and maple leafs and they are damn beautiful, but I do like the 1/3 oz and 1/2 oz pieces.

    3. @Talking Bullion If you want to see something amazing check out the Geiger 100g gold square, it is a sight to see

    4. @Talking Bullion what’s your favorite piece of gold? For me it’s the maple, coming in second is the eagle, then the Krugerrand, the Britannia, the Geiger Square and last for me is the Austrian philharmonic

    5. @Hugo Stiglitz Thanks for the lead on the Geiger gold…awesome price! I wish I would have known earlier πŸ€“ I usually don’t shop Apmex because their prices are generally higher than most. There will probably be a new video soon πŸ˜€ BTW…I prefer fractional gold as well!

  8. I like the 20 g gold square, it’s perfect size for the eyes, really pops out

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