Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

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By Lilliam

20 thoughts on “Be careful of Buying Silver & Gold In 2022, is it TOO RISKY? Make sure it is for the RIGHT Reasons!”
  1. Really, I have been collecting silver and gold for fun. I would like to buy more gold but the price is too high to buy on a monthly basis. I have been shying away from collectibles and proofs over the last year or so. Also, I have curtailed buying hand poured silver from small producers. I have no intention of selling any of my stuff, God willing. That problem will be my son’s. I have spoken to him often about the best way to sell the stuff, if he has to.

  2. I plan to do what I did last year – buy some good quality fractional Gold coins when the deal is right, 1-2 each of Silver coins that I find interesting, and the occasional 10 ounce Silver bar. I am also getting away from buying something each week or month, just because I want to increase my stack, and saving up some cash and waiting for better opportunities. It’s still a buyer’s market but there’s never a hurry to buy.

  3. I don’t just see pm’s as just a way to save my money,I actually enjoy them as almost art work,I get much enjoyment from holding and looking at them,infact just picked up my 1st kilo bar ,give it a decade or so and who knows it may be worth more,anything else I could have bought would prob be certainly worth less,and better than cash in the bank.

  4. My hope is that silver drops below Ā£500 per kilo for an extended period of time and then everyone sells / encashes their 1 kilo queens beasts. In the long run these will become rarer and more desirable

  5. When I first starting collecting silver, a lot of the online dealers had first time buyer specials. Like 10 oz at spot or something like that. That was my foundation. Alas, it doesn’t seem like they do that anymore.

  6. Precious metals aka ” the art of spending without spending” you get shiny new stuff but you haven’t wasted your money like you would if you buy cars, electronics, clothes etc . As long as you are in it for the long term you can loose loads short term.

  7. Iā€™d say Purchase tubes of 20 or 25 1oz silver coins as a foundation .
    Low premium Rounds /bars soon after to down average if need be.

  8. So what’s everyone’s thoughts on fractional? 1/10oz – 1/4oz – 1/2 oz or is 1 oz the go.?

  9. I’m a big time sucker for pamp bars, so I’ve pretty much lost ‘money’ every time I’ve bought them, but what ever, I like them, buying as an investment for my daughter who’s 3. Started collecting the 1oz bars, got way to into it, now I’m up to waiting for the kilo fortuna to be for sale for a reasonable price šŸ¤£

    1. Also if anybody here can point me in the right direction to sites selling pamp at a fair price it would be really appreciated šŸ‘šŸ¼

  10. Wish you were here in the states i would have loved to buy some silver off of you. Those bars look amazing !

    1. @Backyard Bullion Awesome thank you for that information ill start to look again thanks !

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