Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

SBTV spoke with Andy Schectman, President of Miles Franklin Precious Metals Investments. Andy is witnessing incredible demand for gold and silver notably an influx of smart money escaping currency debasement and protecting wealth from inflation.

Andy Schectman’s Miles Franklin Precious Metals Investments:

Discussed in this interview:
00:00 Introduction
01:59 Precious metals demand all-time high
06:31 Smart money protecting wealth
09:00 Situation with gold and silver supply
16:31 No one is selling!
19:19 Growing mistrust in banks and government
22:19 Going full digital cash
26:27 Dollar in trouble
36:13 Price and mining ratios out of whack

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By Reita

16 thoughts on “Andy Schectman – Smart Money Moving Into Gold and Silver”
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  2. tesla market cap 1.2 TRILLION car sales 500.000; volkswagen 9.000.000 cars 120 BILLION. Makes a lot of sense microsoft2.5 TRILLION market cap, Apple market cap 2.5 TRILLION, Amazon 1.7 TRILLION

  3. Brilliant discussion . Reality check and on point with where things are heading . ThankYou Patrick and thankYou Andy. Both genuine beings ! Stephen australia

  4. Andy seems like such a warm kind human being, these guys are heroes giving so much free education to protect the population, these are the oscar Schindler’s of our age

  5. I think the asset prices are justified by the ridiculous amount of fiat we have produced. They have to go higher. Forget the PE ratio, straight up hyperinflation

  6. Thank you, Very good, A Gift from the sky, Buy Buy Buy Physical, Any fiat left, Repeat, They cant print Silver /Gold

  7. I love precious metals BUT there is no mad rush yet which is why there is inventory available and the price has been hit hard this year

  8. .005 percent of the population owns PM’s . 320 million X .05 = 1.6 million people own PM.s in the USA. We just need 1.6 million more people to buy and the price of PM’s would double. Just some perspective.

  9. Please post the date of these interviews. (He references Brainard probably being selected as Fed chair which we know did not happen). Always worthwhile to hear from Andy S. Thanks!

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