Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

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A 4k Camera & close ups of coins! What more can you want!?

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By Dannie

11 thoughts on “A close look at cool things made of Silver!”
  1. Love the look of this, also love the look of the 30 gram lunar ox blossom shaped coin they have on their website!

  2. The Cutty Sark coin has a bit of a ‘thirteen in a dozen’ feel for me. There are plenty of ship themed coins out there nowadays that simply look better in my opinion (just take the Rwanda ones for example, or otherwise the Australian triangle coins), and the layout of the coin also isn’t quite something we haven’t seen before. The starfish coin definitely is more original in that sense. So the Cutty Sark is a fine (albeit pretty average) coin, but I’m also not going out of my way to get it. Which leads me to the following ratings…

    Cutty Sark: 6/10
    Starfish: 7/10 (I don’t care too much about marine life, but I have to give an extra point for the more original layout)

  3. The gloss of the Royal: gorgeous. The texture of the starfish: impressively intriguing

  4. The starfish coins are awesome. I did not buy the silver coins yet as they come with a high premium here in Austria but I bought 2 1/10 oz gold coins.

  5. Very nice I must say iv already got the cutty sark the starfish is for me will try and get one soon love the video 💯

  6. Cool coins, that’s why they make them to sell at high premiums. It’s just silver to me and I only buy generic silver rounds and bars.

  7. The starfish is really pretty. Please make a video about coins that you bought and then went up / down in value. Both numismatic and/or melt value. I think seeing the victories and defeats and the analysis that might come with that would make an interesting video. Anyways love your stuff please make more

  8. e isso ae mas um super video parabéns juntos sempre deus abençoa a todos

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